We launch award-winning web and mobile apps

JetRockets has established a reputation of excellence among a range of highly respected clients, having consistently delivered outstanding services.

We are in Good Company

What we do

JetRockets designs, develops, and supports custom software solutions that help clients transform their businesses and achieve their growth goals.

  • MVP Development

    We deliver responsive, high-quality MVP solutions that allow clients to test ideas, impress investors and attract customers.

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  • Continuous Improvement

    Whether it’s fixing bugs or updating code, our fully dedicated team is committed to finding ways to increase the productivity and value of the products and solutions we create.

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  • Turning Ideas Into Reality

    No idea is too small. No goal is too lofty. We help you hone your ideas, refine your goals and bring them to life.

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We build projects that deliver results. Period.

“JetRockets is able to accurately deliver their requirements and attend every meeting in a timely manner. The team has a high-quality code, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with how they take pride in the work that they put out.”
Riley Pratt – Founder & CEO, Leaderboard Golf

How we work

We work in sprints to move through projects in the most efficient and effective way. Whether it’s turning an idea into an MVP or a long-term engagement, we take the most thoughtful and logical approach each and every time. Our project engagements typically start at 2-month intervals with biweekly sprints.

What we use

Unique Approach

Unlike our competitors, we don’t «lease» our developers. Instead, we cultivate our team and make sure that every single employee evolves professionally alongside the growth of our company. We are dedicated to growth, development, and constant progress for each of our employees.

“At JetRockets, we take great pride in ouremployees and the work they do.”
Natalie Kaminski – CEO, JetRockets

We love knowledge and sharing it!

Andrew Parshukov
Andrew Parshukov
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What Software Development Services Do You Need For Your Project?

Software developers do much more than just develop software. They also pursue tasks like planning, research, design, support, and maintenance.

For our clients, we offer several service packages, including:
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Technology Audit
  • Project Rescue
  • Support & Maintenance

This lets us help clients who are at every stage of the development cycle. Some people come to us with complete systems and need a project rescue. Others are starting from scratch and need an entire course of development.
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