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Elevate your digital vision into reality with JetRockets! Our team of experts crafts mobile applications that are both feature-rich and secure, designed to captivate users on any screen. Whether you’re looking for robust native apps or seamless cross-platform solutions, our specialists guarantee an exceptional user experience that will leave a lasting impression. Unleash the full potential of your ideas with JetRockets!

Development process

We make complex things seem simple

# 1

Discovery, Planning, Strategy

In the first step of our journey into the customer’s project, we focus on the vision. This is where we get to know the idea head-to-toe and create a comprehensive brief for the project. It allows us to gather all the research needed, from numbers on the market to competitor benchmarks or any other information necessary.

# 2

Design Brief

The design brief starts with a product scope — created by us or provided by customers — with all the user stories, UX personas, or a list of features and stakeholder analysis. We start by creating the most important screens for the product. This lets customers see exactly how the product will look and approve the design.

# 3


After the app is fully designed and approved, we start the implementation phase. During this phase, we progressively deliver the app’s modules so that customers can test them during the process.

# 4

Testing, Review, Launch

When the app is fully developed, we enter a testing phase during which we’re in constant contact to fix major bugs and ensure the customer’s product is ready for the market.

Once we’ve completed our internal quality assurance process, we will hand the application over to you. Your first task is to conduct a thorough review of the tool and identify any areas that deviate from the agreed-upon scope.

# 5

Maintenance & Support

The desire to evolve, learn from the experience of others, and use modern tools allow us to develop software effectively and achieve better results.

Typically, the launch of your app is only the beginning since feedback from users often requires continuous improvement. We provide two types of support after launch: (1) a one-time ability to create specific features, and (2) ongoing monthly support to maintain and enhance features on your roadmap.

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Agile methodology

There is only one way to build successful project and stay ahead of the competition: Build. Test. Iterate. REPEAT.

Agile culture helps us to handle uncertainty more efficiently and makes our team more Adaptive, Flexible, and Innovative. We specialize in developing full-stack, hybrid, and native applications. If your existing business should be digitally transformed by integrating with legacy systems or robust environments are to be built from scratch, we approach complex challenges with prime focus on delivering user-friendly digital solutions.

“We didn't have anyone on our team with expertise in this field so JetRockets were amazing in listening to our vision and helping us create our MVP in a very quick amount of time. Implementing our ideas with efficiency and accuracy. The team was on hand at any time of the day to answer questions, and communication was excellent.”
Alana and Lisa Macfarlane – Founders, Gut Stuff
“I would definitely recommend JetRockets”
Ron Uretta – CFO, Cassin, Cassin LLP
“If you can imagine it, JetRockets can do it.”
Laura Truitt – Owner, Hound & Co
“JetRockets is so much more than a dev team - they are a core part of Safari Portal and of our family. They truly care about the product and its success and it shows in everything that they do - every feature, every task, every question. I am excited to see what we create together in the future.”
Rachel West – Founder & CEO, Safari Portal
“They bring a lot of deep Rails and architecture experience to the table.”
Josh Dzielak – Co-Founder & CTO, Orbit
“From the get-go, we felt supported and well taken care of.”
Carrie Fields Amy – CPO, RevShopp
“They’re shoulder-to-shoulder with us and are allowing us to grow as a business”
Michael Demetriou – Founder & CEO, Opear

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