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fundraising platform

About the project

  • location United States
  • calendar May 2023 - Ongoing
  • link Raisify
The Raisify platform organizes live competitions where votes are collected through donations. Members can watch and vote for pitches from various businesses and startups. Winners are determined by voting, and funds are seamlessly transferred to the pitch founders via Stripe.
Raisify Challenge


Our main challenge was upgrading the platform from an outdated technology stack to a modern Ruby on Rails stack and enhancing site performance. During this process, we also redesigned the UI and resolved various system issues, ensuring a seamless and improved experience for both administrators and users.

Raisify Solutions


The redesign focused on user-friendly navigation, intuitive interfaces, and a modern aesthetic to enhance overall usability. This comprehensive overhaul not only improved system efficiency but also elevated the user experience, making it easier for for users to engage with the platform effectively.

Transfer money

Transfer money

JetRockets has developed a seamless money transfer feature for Raisify. Founders can now link their Stripe accounts in their Raisify settings, enabling admins to effortlessly transfer earnings with a single click.

Fraud control

Fraud control

JetRockets has developed a robust two-level Fraud Protection feature for Raisify. This system effectively prevents account manipulation and detects fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for all users. Additionally, admins have the capability to manually address and resolve any suspicious activities.

Competition winners

Competition winners

JetRockets has developed an administrative module that allows admins to manage competition outcomes post-closure. This feature is particularly useful for addressing disqualifications and ensuring fair results.

Share link

Share link

The ‘Share’ button functionality allows users to share a founder's page on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, via email, or by simply copying the link.

System redesign


External Integrations

Team: 6 people

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