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About the project

EventSpace is a seamless virtual event management platform that enables the business, education, and entertainment industries to streamline workflows, and enables users to deliver curated, on-brand social experiences for virtual events, live streaming, and recorded content.
EventSpace Challenge


Today, thanks in large part to how the Covid-10 pandemic accelerated remote work, businesses and individuals participate in virtual events on a frequent basis.

However, as virtual attendance has become more commonplace and use cases continue to evolve, users often find that some of today’s platforms do not meet their team’s needs.

As a leader in online event management, the EventSpace team had the goal to elevate virtual conferencing by creating a simple, flexible and affordable solution for users across the education, business, and entertainment industries.

Although other existing virtual conferencing providers have made attempts to simplify events, many have ended up inadvertently sacrificing the components that make online events engaging and immersive.

After assessing the landscape, EventSpace determined that their solution needed both flexible online event management settings and engaging presentation components. Moreover, the solution needed to be robust without a hefty price tag.

Joshua Jones – Founder & CEO, Xenvent Technologies LLC

“JetRockets was selected to build our MVP from scratch providing complete project management, front- back-end developers and QA engineers to the project. Design and wireframes are in collaboration with another vendor recommended to us by JetRockets.”

EventSpace Apple WWDC Event


After connecting with the EventSpace team, we immediately started assessing the various challenges the team wanted the platform to address. With this information, we went on to develop features that specifically solved for these pain points.

These included:

User Badge

EventSpace User Badge

This element allows individuals to complete user profiles, and includes privacy setting features for each field to control which information they want public versus private.

Discover Venues & Spaces Page

EventSpace Discover Venues and Spaces Page

We implemented this page so users can easily search and find events, as well as discover their accommodating details.

Space Builder

EventSpace Spaces Builder

If users only want to create one event, they can use the space builder to create a «single» event.

This feature also enables users to:

  • Specify an event name and description
  • Upload a logo and banner
  • Set up a date and time, where the user can either select Evergreen and start/end the event themselves, or set a clear date and time for the EventSpace team to start/end the event automatically.

These are just basic settings that allow the user to specify the right data to create their given Space.

Venue Builder

EventSpace Venue Builder

We implemented the Venue Builder so that users can create an entity (Venue) into which they can place single events (Spaces).

*Venue is a very important entity for managing online forums that host dozens of single meetings/webinars. It has all of the features that the Space Builder has, but instead applied to Venues.

EventSpace Portal


The portal is the heart of EventSpace, where the user can not only see all the Spaces and Venues to which they belong to as either Staff or a Participant, and enables them to access the management system of the Spaces and Venues in which they are Staff.


EventSpace Components

These are the most important additional settings that the Users can set for their Space, in which Users can choose what kind of presentation they wish to give, including:

  • Live Stream
  • Viewing
  • Gateway
  • External links


EventSpace Chat

This feature allows users to easily interact with another, and enables both private/direct messaging, as well as public chats attached to video calls and presentations.

Security functions

EventSpace Security functions

The EventSpace team also knew how important regulations can be when creating an app accessible to anyone, so we curated this feature to enable the team’s ability to restrict access to users who violate the rules of the community in a particular Space, Venue, or anywhere on the platform.

EventSpace Notifications Page

Notifications Page

To prevent users from missing important updates, we developed a page that’s home to users’ notifications. They can also customize their notifications in order to regulate which notifications they receive.

EventSpace Meeting Webinar Page

Meeting / Webinar Page

This is where users can find all of their Meetings, Webinars, or Live Streams.

Joshua Jones – Founder & CEO, Xenvent Technologies LLC

“It’s just super easy to follow progress and work with JetRockets. We communicate daily during the week via Slack, Figma comments and Asana task tracking. We meet weekly with the core team to discuss the development of the platform and semi-weekly for Sprint demos of completed work.”

EventSpace Results


Today, the EventSpace platform enables users to experience virtual conferencing like they never have before! Users across the business, education, and entertainment industries can now seamlessly host, organize, and curate virtual events, as well as interact with other users on the platform.

EventSpace has remained a stable and consistent alternative to traditional in-person meetings. The technology behind the platform has worked to break down the pre-existing barriers to communication for organizers, presenters, and attendees alike.

Going from Project to Partner

Today, EventSpace and JetRockets continue to collaborate on new projects designed to evolve EventSpaces’ potential. EventSpace is currently conducting a  Closed Beta for select use cases as JetRockets and EventSpace continue to shape the Virtual Event Management System of the future!

Joshua Jones – Founder & CEO, Xenvent Technologies LLC

“JetRockets brings a lot of passion to creating great software. From the jump, their CEO approached our idea with enthusiasm and curiosity. The team came on with the same enthusiasm for the project and a clear eagerness to do great work.”



Team: 8 people

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