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User behavior data platform

About the project


Neon is a new Intent Data Services product. It's an application that uses high-quality data to help companies find potential leads. Neon’s Intent Data solution is designed to make purchase intent data intelligence available to tech marketers across a wide array of marketing and sales tactics.

  • location United State of America
  • calendar 19 Nov 2019 — 15 Sept 2020
Custom Software Development
Web Development
IT Consulting
Big Data
Media & Entertainment


Do you want to sell your product to a company that has high engagement and is interested in the services you provide? Then you need a platform that displays all the necessary data for analyzing the market and reaching a company to clinch a deal. The goal was to gain insights into how companies accessed our client's properties so that we could convert them into sales and marketing opportunities.

IDG (International Data Group) is the #1 Tech media, data, and marketing services company in the world. The company has 2 branches:

  • IDC International Data Corporation
  • IDG Communications

They reached out to us to help with data analytics development and create a platform where vendors can find their potential customers.



We developed a B2B platform that helps manage and display data. The platform uses different integrations to provide the following info:

  • Job title, Position in the company
  • Company Name
  • Company Location and their departments
  • Count of Employees
  • Contact Information
  • Info on what each person in the company has been interested in:
    • Content they Read
    • Downloads and Registrations they made
    • Events Attended

Initially, we were responsible for doing the front-end work. But, as we continued to perform well and the client's trust in us grew, they decided to give us more backend responsibilities that were originally in-house. We ended up taking on more complicated tasks than what we started out doing.



We’ve been communicating tight with the IDG’s team to work with endpoints and in addition, our team has developed a platform with the following things:

Algorithm for processing data analytics

Algorithm for processing data analytics
Draws charts with the trends and topics that companies are interested in for some period of time.

Billing & Subscription System

Billing & Subscription System
  • Integration with Stripe to manage billing info and subscriptions.
  • The platform allows buying an extra seat inside each account, using an addon.

Okta integration and later OAuth

Okta integration and later OAuth
Integrated with software that allows one to register an account and keep personal data safe.
“The more freedom you give them to problem-solve, the better your product will be.”
Peter Surrena – Product Architect, IDG
Potential Broker UI

Personal Account

  • When registering on the platform, you will automatically get IDG consultants who help you with platform onboarding.
  • We developed a team member system where Account Admins can assign certain lists/results to their colleagues per company.

Smart Filter

Smart Filter
Developed a filter with a certain weight of results to allow a set up with over 20 different params per engaged customer.
  • Localization / Language
    Integrated with DeepL to make a translation in different languages.

Custom Email Templates

Custom Email Templates
Marked up and styled different newsletters for our users.

CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations
  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot


  • Ruby

  • JavaScript

  • Rom-rb

  • GCP DataStore

  • React Redux

  • Hanami

  • PostgreSQL

  • GCP Cloud Run

  • GCP Cloud Tasks Service

  • Cloud Scheduler

  • Elastic Search


  • Google Cloud
  • Stripe
  • Salesforce CRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Integration with B2B Database & Business Contact Data Provider “UpLead”
  • Integration with commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses “Dun & Bradstreet”
  • DeepL
  • Okta integration
  • OAuth 0 & OAuth 2 integrations

Team: 8 people

  • 2 Frontend developers
  • 3 Backend developers
  • 1 QA
  • 1 PM
  • 1 DevOps
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