Free Tool Developed by eBay for Sellers

About the project


eBayMag is an eBay-owned free application for sellers that makes selling internationally much easier.



The project was handed over to us from another development team. The main task of the team was to maintain existing functionality in working condition. Our team also develops and maintains new functionality for the site.


eBayMag provides many important features, including:

Onboarding tips


Step-by-step guide which help users understand what abilities they have in eBayMag. Users can turn on/off the onboarding process at any time



This feature translates all the selected listings, titles, descriptions, and information between several languages — English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.



This function helps users publish their listings from eBayMag to any other possible sites. Users can:

  • turn on the sites they want to sell their listings on
  • set up countries to sell from these sites
  • exclude countries you don't want to ship to
  • link multiple eBay accounts to the sites

Items import

eBayMag has the following ways for mass items import:

  • automatic import from eBay to eBayMag. All item information (description, quantities, price, etc.) will be imported automatically from eBay to eBayMag. Users can turn on/off this ability at any time
  • manual import from eBay to eBayMag - if users want to start a new import or still prefer a manual update, these abilities are also prepared in eBayMag. Users can manually select the eBay sites where they want to place their items and where they want to import from and start importing
  • import from Excel - Users can attach the excel file and import a list of items. A useful bonus is ability to download a template previously

Multiple Accounts


This feature allows users to:

  • quickly copy all listings from one account to another
  • buy store subscriptions on different eBay sites and list more items with zero insertion fee
  • manage all orders from a single interface

Manage Shipping policies


The shipping policy describes shipping geography, tariffs, and the return policy. eBaymag provides the following features to help manage shipping policies:

  • import shipping policy from eBay to eBayMag
  • edit an existing shipping policy
  • create a new shipping policy
  • create a shipping policy with different prices for different countries
  • assign the shipping policy to listings
  • a list of pre-defined shipping policies

Order management


This feature helps users manage all new orders with the following features:

  • see how sales are growing
  • merge orders from one buyer
  • add tracking numbers
  • set up delivery
  • see the list of newest orders which is available within half an hour after a users’ registration
  • filter orders by status, time period and the country of destination
  • sort orders by price, sale date or delivery time
  • see how many orders and how much income users got from listings, created via eBayMag
  • hide orders with an outdated status from eBayMag

Managing Items

  • Users can see all of your imported items
  • Users can import items (automatically or manually)
  • Create new items
  • Create an item based on the template
  • Edit their item's description, settings and any parameters they want
  • Filter items
  • Edit items in bulk. Users can tick one, several or all items to publish on any site, edit the quantity, assign a shipping policy, archive or delete them

Managing Categories

  • eBayMag chooses a category for users listing based on its description and title
  • Users can assign category manually.
  • Users can search by keywords and select the most relevant category.
  • Users can search by category number and select the most relevant category.
  • Users can assign a category to multiple items.
  • Users can mass edit categories to listings.


  • Ruby

  • Ruby on Rails

  • React

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • Go

  • GraphQL


  • Google Analytics

  • APILayer

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Ebay Api

  • Slack

Team: 7 people

  • 1 frontend developer
  • 3 backend developers (1 of them is a tech lead)
  • QA
  • PM
  • DevOps
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