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platform for order management and logistics optimization

About the project

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eBayMag is an efficient tool to help online sellers increase sales on eBay, manage stock, and optimize shipping. The application makes it easy for users to list items and manage sales across international eBay sites and enables order management and logistics optimization.

eBaymag provides users with tools to manage their orders and optimize their shipping

With eBaymag, users can sync their inventory across all eBay sites

eBaymag allows users to list their items on multiple international site


active users worldwide



Before the pandemic accelerated the use of ecommerce across the globe, eBay had a longstanding reputation for being a reliable platform in facilitating online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions. However, like any organization, eBay has had to adapt and modernize their approach to evolve alongside the needs and expectations of their users.

One issue in particular that has continuously complicated online selling is the high level of friction that comes along with facilitating international sales. From a lack of unified catalogs, currencies and organized support, organizations have long sought out solutions to these ecommerce challenges. One way eBay tried to solve this was by creating an official tool for eBay sellers: eBayMag.

eBayMag is an application designed specifically for international users to list items and manage sales across international eBay sites and enables order management and logistics optimization. However, after the platform’s launch, eBay and online sellers alike realized it could use some upgrading.

The official tool for eBay sellers needed a series of added features in order to accommodate user activity across multiple accounts, languages and advance their online management system. eBay connected with JetRockets in order to achieve the platform’s advancement by enabling cross-border trade for users through back- and frontend development services. Once JetRockets was fully informed, both teams got right to work!

Nir Badichi – Product Manager, eBay

“They’ve been flexible with the scope of work and our project requirements. We’ve had some occasions when we needed some tasks completed that were outside of the scope of work, and they were happy to accommodate us.” 

eBayMag Challenge


Onboarding tips

eBayMag Onboarding tips

To ensure new users understand the platform and its services, we provided a step-by-step guide to help users discover what abilities they have within the eBayMag platform following their initial registration.

Users can also turn the onboarding tips off as they become more familiar with the platform, as well as activate them at any given time for additional insight.

eBayMag Solution

Items import

Online selling used to be tedious due to manual processes such as copying and pasting item information across multiple platforms. We developed eBayMag to do away with this and create efficiencies, including:

  • Automatic import from eBay to eBayMag
  • All item information (description, quantities, price, etc.) is imported automatically from eBay to eBayMag. Users can turn on/off this ability at any time.

  • Manual import from eBay to eBayMag
  • If users want to start a new import or still prefer a manual update, these abilities are also prepared in eBayMag. Users can manually select the eBay sites where they want to place their items and where they want to import from and start importing.

  • Import from Excel
  • Users can attach the excel file and import a list of items.


    eBayMag Cross-Listings 

    In order to remove traditional barriers that online sellers experienced when trying to personalize products’ listings, we developed this function to help users seamlessly publish their listings from eBayMag to other sites. This enables users to:

    • Turn on the sites they want to sell their listings on.
    • Set up countries to sell from these sites.
    • Exclude countries you don’t want to ship to.
    • Link multiple eBay accounts to the sites.


    eBayMag Translation

    As online sellers are located all over the world, we wanted to ensure eBayMag provided language translations to accommodate all users. This feature enables users to translate all of the selected listings, titles, descriptions, and information between several languages, including:

    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish

    Multiple Accounts

    eBayMag Multiple Accounts

    Previously, when online sellers wanted to list multiple products, they needed to create different accounts to house the varying categories. We developed this feature to save users’ time by enabling them to:

    • Quickly copy all listings from one account to another
    • Buy store subscriptions on different eBay sites and list more items with zero insertion fee
    • Manage all orders from a single interface

    Multiple Accounts

    eBayMag Manage Shipping Policies

    The shipping policy describes shipping geography, tariffs, and the return policy. eBaymag provides the following features to help manage shipping policies which can vary widely across geographic locations:

    • Import shipping policy from eBay to eBayMag
    • Edit an existing shipping policy
    • Create a new shipping policy
    • Create a shipping policy with different prices for different countries
    • Assign the shipping policy to listings
    • A list of predefined shipping policies
    eBayMag Order Management 

    Order Management 

    International sellers often run into common issues when it comes to optimizing their logistics strategy. This is mainly due to the lack of visibility that international sellers have when trying to measure sales, establish clear timelines and communicate with buyers.

    To address these obstacles, we implemented an order management feature to help international sellers manage new orders with the following features:

    • See how sales are growing
    • Merge orders from one buyer
    • Add tracking numbers
    • Set up delivery
    • See the list of newest orders which is available within half an hour after a users’ registration
    • Filter orders by status, time period and the country of destination
    • Sort orders by price, sale date or delivery time
    • See how many orders and how much income users got from listings, created via eBayMag
    • Hide orders with an outdated status from eBayMag
    eBayMag Order Management 

    Managing Items

    Presentation is a key factor for international sellers who are looking to increase their sales. In fact, upon registration, eBaymag immediately recommends sellers to list certain items on certain sites, based on eBay internal data regarding international site relevance and your sales history. Listing the recommended items can increase your sales by up to 40%.

    We helped eBayMag support these recommendations with a feature designed to manage individual items. With this feature, users can:

    • See all of their imported items
    • Import items (automatically or manually)
    • Create new items
    • Create an item based on the template
    • Edit their item’s description, settings and any parameters they want
    • Filter items
    • Edit items in bulk: users can tick one, several or all items to publish on any site, edit the quantity, assign a shipping policy, archive or delete them
    eBayMag Managing Items

    Managing Categories

    When it comes to ecommerce sales, it’s important for products to stand out. This means that international sellers need the ability to categorize their items and listings so customers can render them with the right keywords.

    However, user-friendliness is also important for the sellers as well. With this in mind, we designed a feature for managing item categories so users can:

    • Assign categories manually
    • Search by keywords and select the most relevant category
    • Search by category number and select the most relevant category
    • Assign a category to multiple items
    • Mass edit categories to listings
    eBayMag Managing Categories 


    Today, EbayMag supports international users across eight eBay sites, including,, and others.

    To help eBayMag reach this level of growth, JetRockets worked continuously to further develop eBayMag into a highly flexible, multi-featured application for managing and supporting international sales. Additionally, the platform can manage, sell, and import across multiple accounts, languages, and locations.

    As a result, sellers can now get 8X as many sales when listing their products internationally as well as make their product listings more relevant to international customers, more easily than ever before.

    Nir Badichi – Product Manager, eBay

    “Their team delivers on time and is very communicative. They’ve taken ownership of the project when necessary; they are very responsible. We communicate with JetRockets through Slack, emails, and Zoom meetings. I appreciate that I can directly contact their management team — they’re very pleasant to work with.”

    Going from Project to Partner

    Today, eBay and JetRockets continue to collaborate and further evolve the eBayMag platform. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, we assist eBay in maintaining the efficiency of the eBayMag tool and update its correlating technology as necessary. Through our continued collaboration with eBay, we are able to offer online sellers a platform that satisfies all of their business and personal listings alike.



    Team: 8 people

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