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time-off management system

About the project

OneTribe is a user-friendly online application that makes it simple for companies to keep up with their leave policies by streamlining the process and automating their time-off management policy.
Onetribe Challenge


For a business that has many distributed and international teams, managing employee time-off with a Google spreadsheet or Excel file can become overwhelming and disorganized. Unfortunately, today’s leave management platforms often have poor features, difficult-to-use interfaces, and make requesting time-off for employees challenging.

At JetRockets, we needed a reliable system to keep track of employee time-off that would suit the needs of our remote and international team, with employees spread across the globe in the US, Georgia, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, Montenegro, Poland, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India and Serbia. And as a development shop ourselves, we knew we had the expertise and skills to remedy this. That’s why we decided to create OneTribe: a B2B platform designed for companies to seamlessly manage their time-off policies.


In developing the OneTribe platform, we needed to ensure our system cut through all the noise by placing everything in a one-stop shop. In doing this, we developed OneTribe to offer various features that address the needs of businesses of all sizes, as well as work to enhance the user experience. These included:

Onetribe Solutions

Employee Portal

In order to ensure employees can easily manage their own leave, we developed the portal to handle everything for them, including:

  • Track every type of leave
  • Sync with your calendar
  • Coordinate leave policies
  • Approve requests immediately
Onetribe Employee Portal

Custom Leave Types

As employees need to take work off for various reasons, we added a customization feature so that employees can select from vacation leave, parental leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, and more.

Onetribe Custom Leave Types

Departments and Project Teams

Because each department has different needs and requirements, we developed the platform to enables users to:

  • Create or delete departments and project teams
  • Assign employees to departments and projects

Calendar Sync

Onetribe Calendar Sync

To ensure important dates and events don’t slip through the cracks, we developed the platform to sync user-calendars with other systems, including Microsoft Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.

Public Holidays

Onetribe Public Holidays

In order to get a handle on all of the required holidays for your employees regardless of where they live, we developed this feature to enable users to import public holidays and customize holiday lists.


Onetribe Reporting

The platform provides user-friendly, on-screen reports for users to view and retrieve important team data.

Onetribe Results


Today, OneTribe is currently in its beta stage! The platform offers a one-stop-shop for businesses to automate their time-off management policy.

With this platform, JetRockets’ global team of employees across the US, Georgia, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, Montenegro, Poland, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India and Serbia will have a simple and organized place to manage and coordinate their leave information, making the process both seamless and stress-free.

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