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Safari Portal

Safari Portal is an advanced itinerary builder that works seamlessly with travel agents and service suppliers to create beautifully designed itineraries and content in minutes. The company was conceived by travel agents specializing in organizing exotic getaways for adventurous clients.

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Travel agents have difficulty putting together beautiful itineraries for their clients. It takes a long time, the process is tedious, and the results are questionable (i.e not very professionally looking). As we know, there are many things to consider when planning a trip: visas, medical restrictions and regulations, flight routes, destinations, and activities. With well-designed features and tools, our main objective is to simplify daily routine by simplifying the flow and making it easy.



Develop a B2B2C platform for travel agents where they can organize their work better by providing a set of tools and ready-to-use library of supplier content. The Safari Portal platform helps travel agents create beautiful, custom travel proposals and close new business faster. By providing a well-developed CRM system with multiple custom features, the communication between travelers and their clients becomes efficient, simpler, and well-informed.

We created the Safari Portal, which provides many important features including:


Custom Itinerary creation

We developed different templates for different types of Content. In addition there are two main types of proposals which Agent can create and share with clients:

  1. Lookbook — a summary of the upcoming trip.
  2. Itinerary — a detailed description of the upcoming trip with all the pertinent information listed in an easy to read and follow format.

Components and elements such as text blocks, images, video links, pdf files, different sections and blocks with fast facts, allow users to build custom landing pages.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Create stunning, impactful itineraries in minutes and customize everything on the page from text and photos to videos, icons, and more.
  • Showcase your own brand style.
  • Collaborate with another agent.
  • Mobile access.

Personalized Guest Portal

We know how important it is for the agents to be able to provide support to their clients during the trip. That’s why the platform has a built-in Guest Portal where users have all the necessary information at their fingertips: assports, travel insurance, e-tickets, vouchers, info about their health and dietary preferences, info about special occasions and so on. Sensitive information, such as PII is stored in an encrypted format for security purposes.


Integration with Global Flight Tracker

To keep all info about the upcoming trip, including the flight information, we integrated with the Global Flight Tracker. Agents and their Clients can keep a record of their forthcoming flight information in real-time.


Integration with DeepL Translator

Our Safari portal’s Agents have clients all over the world so it was important to provide the ability to translate their proposal into their clients’ language.


Custom Templates making via CSS tool

Some of our Agents prefer further customization of their proposals and itineraries. To make this possible we developed the Custom CSS module, where we can apply unique fonts and styles for each user account.


Smart Widget

To help new users get familiar with the platform and to be able to create proposals efficiently, the JR team has built a custom smart widget, which shows relevant topics and instructions based on the user’s location within the system.


Export to PDF and CSV files

All of the data in the Safari Portal can be exported into PDF or CSV formats. Export to Word is currently in development.


Offline access (while offline mode)

Because many of the clients travel into areas with low internet connectivity, it is important to be able to access Safari Portal offline. JetRockets has implemented this ability.


Integration with mail marketing service (Mailchimp)

Many of our Agents have registered web-sites and sell their services online. That’s why we implemented the ability to customize the URL of shared itineraries to reflect the agent’s domain and brand.


Pendo Integration

Team has integrated with Pendo service which allows them to set Tips and Guides for onboarding new users. It leads them step by step in a certain order by showing tips next to buttons and sections.


Custom Domains for URL links

Many of our Agents have registered web-sites and sell their services online. That’s why we implemented the ability to customize the URL of shared itineraries to reflect the agent’s domain and brand.


Add landing pages to Home Screen of mobile for quick access

Ability to access the Safari Portal from an icon on the phone.

“My experience with them has been fabulous.”
Rachel West — Founder & CEO, Safari Portal

Open API

The Safari Portal has an open API which supports integration with 3rd party software providers.


Collaborating for Growth

Today, Safari Portal continues to reach out to JetRockets to add to its existing platform and new features are being built on an ongoing basis. At the moment, a full open-access API is in development, which will allow seamless integration with other service providers and software products within the travel industry.

The 6 Things to Look for in an Itinerary Builder


  • React

  • Redux

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Svelte

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Elastic Cash CDN

  • PostgeSQL

  • Docker

  • Nginx

Programming languages

  • Ruby

  • Java Script

Team: 9 people

  • 2 frontend developers (1 of them is a tech lead)
  • 2 backend developers
  • 1 QA
  • 2 PM
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
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