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Safari Portal

Safari Portal – Travel Management Platform and Custom Itinerary Builder

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About the project

Safari Portal
Safari Portal is an easy-to-use itinerary builder software that allows travel agents and tour operators to create stunning interactive digital itineraries and print-friendly PDF proposals in minutes. The company was created by a team of travel professionals looking for a smart and unique solution to their own problems.


Travel agents and
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Custom itineraries created

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Safari Portal


A challenge that all travel agents and tour operators face is how best to communicate the details of a travel itinerary to their clients. Agents have traditionally taken various approaches to address this, ranging from sharing spreadsheets and word docs to elaborate and tedious proposal software to simply sharing the plans provided by another travel partner. None solved for all the layers of complexity that agents need to address— communicating important trip details like timings and ground contacts whilst simultaneously inspiring the client with stunning imagery and design— and none were simple, easy, or quick.

Rachel West – Founder & CEO, Safari Portal

“We were looking for a partner that not only knew how to build custom software solutions, but who took the time to truly understand the problems and people behind the challenges we were looking to solve for. JetRockets fit that bill perfectly.”

Safari Portal


We developed a B2B2C platform designed for travel agents whereby they can better organize their workflow, relying on a set of tools and a ready-to-use library of professionally curated content. The Safari Portal platform helps travel agents create beautiful, custom travel proposals and close new business faster.

Safari Portal provides a super simple and intuitive system to create and manage itinerary proposals for travelers, including solutions for sharing important information about visas, medical restrictions and regulations, flight routes, destinations, accommodations, and activities. The platform also allows agents to collect and manage guest information safely and efficiently with simple CRM functionality.

We created Safari Portal, which provides many essential tools and features, including:

Custom Itinerary creation

Custom Itinerary creation

We developed different templates for different types of content. There are two main types of proposals that agents can create and share with clients:

  • Lookbooks – a clever and extraordinarily quick way to share options or inspiration in a professional-looking digital proposal (easily exportable to both Word and PDF, as well as being available offline)
  • itineraries – a detailed description of the trip plan with all the pertinent information presented in an easy-to-read and follow format

Components and elements such as text blocks, images, video links, pdf files, different sections, iFrames, and blocks with fast facts allow users to build custom content and proposals.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Create stunning, impactful itineraries in minutes and customize everything on the page, from text and photos to videos, icons, and more
  • Showcase your branding and personal style
  • Easily collaborate with other travel professionals
  • Mobile friendly with offline access for all digital proposals means travelers can also find the information they need, even if they’re on a plane or off the grid.

Personalized Guest Portals

Personalized Guest Portal

We know how important it is for travel agents to be able to provide support to their clients while traveling. That’s why the platform provides a fully customizable Guest Portal where travelers have access to everything they need once a trip has been confirmed, all at their fingertips: information about travel insurance, packing lists, e-tickets, vouchers, emergency ground contacts, flight, and transfer details, and more. Guests can even share their health and dietary information, passports, and more through the same portal. Sensitive information such as PII is stored in an encrypted format for security purposes.

Integration with Global Flight Tracker

Integration with Global Flight Tracker

To streamline adding in flight information, we integrated with a Global Flight Tracker. Travel agents and travelers can easily keep a record of forthcoming flight information.

Integration with Worldwide Language Translator

Integration with DeepL Translator

Safari Portal’s users have clients worldwide, so it was essential to provide the ability to translate proposals into their clients’ languages.

Custom Templates making via CSS tool

Ability to Create a Fully Custom Itinerary Template

Some travel agents prefer further customization of their proposals and itineraries. To make this possible, we developed a custom module that allows us to apply custom brand fonts and styles as well as modify itinerary layouts to reflect each individual user’s branding — so that Safari Portal ultimately feels like a natural extension of their branding.

Custom Domains for URL links

Open API

We implemented the ability to customize the URL of shared itineraries to reflect the agent’s domain and brand.

Smart Help Widget

Smart Help Widget

To help new users get familiar with the platform and create proposals efficiently, the JR team built a custom smart widget, which shows relevant topics and instructions based on the user’s location within the system.

Export to PDF, Word and CSV files

Export to PDF and CSV files
  • Proposals in Safari Portal can be exported into PDF and Word files.
  • Data can be exported to CSV format.

Offline access

Offline access

Because many clients travel to areas with low internet connectivity, it is important to be able to access Safari Portal offline. JetRockets has implemented this ability.

The Best Of Kenya

Integration with mail marketing service

Safari Portal integrates with a leading mail marketing service. This helps Safari Portal’s users:

  • stay tuned with their Clients,
  • receive info about new upcoming features and releases,
  • and get notified about upcoming Safari Portal webinars.

Product Adoption Tool Integration

Pendo Integration

The team integrated with a product adoption and onboarding service, which allows Safari Portal to create tips and guides for onboarding new users. It leads them to step by step through the platform with helpful tips next to buttons and sections.

Ability to access the Safari Portal from an icon on the phone


Allows travelers to save Safari Portal itineraries and Guest Portals with an icon on their mobile device for easy reference later.

Automatically Push Updates

Along with an itinerary builder, Safari Portal provides a robust Content Management System and a vast content library that gets updated often. The push updates feature ensures that itineraries are kept up-to-date.

The 6 Things to Look for in an Itinerary Builder


Today, Safari Portal enables travel advisors and tour operators to instantly create beautiful custom proposals and detailed mobile itineraries in just a few clicks.

From there, service providers and their customers can manage everything they need. The solution also has a CRM functionality that allows providers to keep tabs on where they are in the sales process with complete visibility into their sales pipeline and a bird’s eye view of upcoming trips. They can even see when and where proposals are being viewed.

To date, Safari Portal has been used by over 1,000 travel agents and operators worldwide, created more than 10,000 custom itineraries, and saved countless hours for travel service providers, allowing them to focus on other value driven areas.

Going from Project to Partner

Pendo Integration

Today, Safari Portal and JetRockets continue to expand the existing platform with new and exciting features on an ongoing basis. We are currently designing the architecture for a new itinerary layout. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can be inspired by watching this video and reading testimonials from real users.

Rachel West – Founder & CEO, Safari Portal

“Jetrockets is so much more than a development team — they are a core part of Safari Portal and of our family. They truly care about the product and its success and it shows in everything that they do — every feature, every task, every question. I am excited to see what we create together in the future.”

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