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payments application

About the project

  • location United States
  • calendar November 2018- June 2019
CashGrab is a versatile payment platform that enables users to pay anyone and receive payments from virtually anywhere. With the application, users can effortlessly distribute incentives and e-coupons to specific groups or individuals, as well as instantly reward loyal customers or incentivize employees with funds or valuable points. Additionally, the platform acts as a virtual bank account, allowing users to receive direct deposits from employers or other sources.
Cashgrab Payments Application


CashGrab realized that in today's fast-paced digital world, there was a growing need for a simple and convenient mobile payment platform that could enable users to send and receive money with ease. However, they didn't want to settle for just any ordinary payment app. They envisioned a platform that would offer all the advanced features of a modern bank, along with marketing and analytics capabilities – and all on a smartphone.

To turn this vision into a reality, CashGrab needed a partner with a deep understanding of mobile app development. That’s when JetRockets stepped in.

With a high level of expertise in UI design and integration, JetRockets was the perfect partner for CashGrab to transform their initial idea into a functional and user-friendly mobile payments app.

Andrew DeMaio - CEO of the CashGrab

“We communicated via Microsoft Teams as well as by phone and email. It’s a huge benefit that they JetRockets were able to deliver a functional UI on time.”

Cashgrab Challenge


Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to successfully develop the CashGrab platform - a game-changing financial solution that offers a wide range of features and capabilities.

We developed the application to enable users to send and receive payments virtually anywhere, while also providing advanced marketing and analytics features that allow businesses to target specific groups of users and gain valuable insights into their spending habits. In addition, we built CashGrab to act as a virtual bank account in order to provide users with the ability to receive direct deposits from employers and other sources.

We integrated mobile payments, targeted marketing, e-wallet, and prepaid debit card solution in order to offer businesses and members a range of benefits, including:

Cashgrab Solution
  • The ability to pay each other
  • Obtain "instant-issue" reloadable debit cards
  • Perform instant KYC checks for compliance
  • Send virtually unlimited ACH and B2B transfers between affiliates
  • Make retail purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Reload their card at thousands of locations
  • Obtain transaction data and reports on their spending
  • Provide e-coupons to members instantly
  • Split referral fees among multiple parties seamlessly
  • Target-market to groups of members
  • Send 1099s or W-9s to payees at year-end with the push of a button
  • Change marketing strategy based on analysis of user data
  • Obtain reports with sophisticated business and payment analytics

Additionally, businesses can "white label" the CashGrab cards and application with their own branding, to further build brand loyalty among employees, customers, and the public.

Andrew DeMaio - CEO of the CashGrab

“JetRockets did very well, and all of the deliverables were executed on time.”

Cashgrab Results


Today, the CashGrab application is live and provides seamless service to businesses in handling their marketing and finances in one go.

Andrew DeMaio - CEO of the CashGrab

“All of my business clients love the new UI. It’s definitely an update from what we had prior.”


Team: 7 people

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