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Leaderboard Golf

social network for golfers

About the project

Leaderboard Golf
Leaderboard Golf enables users to seamlessly manage and enhance their golf experience by providing on-course tracking of scores and wagers, access to course and player statistics, match creation and invitation capabilities, and the ability to share match results with friends through social feeds.
Leaderboard Golf social network for golfers


When Riley Pratt wanted to develop an app that makes it easy for users to play on-course games, settle wagers, and share golf experiences with friends, he began looking for a New York-based software development company that could help develop his cross-platform application, Leaderboard.

After setting their sights on JetRockets, Leaderboard reached out to acquire more support for their backend development needs.

After Leaderboard approached JetRockets with clear expectations of what needed to be done, our team got to work on implementing:

  • Golf specific conditions for the application. This would allow users to update their game results in real time without loss of data due to potentially unstable internet connections
  • Intricate game mechanics. This would introduce new features to users such as wager systems, route-valuations and the possibility to change or reset old results, among many features.
  • External API for statistics processing. This would allow users to calculate and process tricky calculations such as player handicap.
Riley Pratt - Founder & CEO, Golf-Based Social Platform

“I was looking for developers based in New York and came across JetRockets on Clutch. I then reached out to them after going through the positive reviews on their services. Throughout the course of the engagement, we’ve worked with two developers from their team.”

Leaderboard Golf Challenge


First, we built a ‘batch update’ system, where all playing holes are updated simultaneously after each stroke and add timestamps to update the live score. With this implementation, play data is updated in real time, and prevents long distances in-game routes from interfering with score calculations.

We also separated actual play data updates on all holes from calculating final scores for holes played, with cumulative score updates for each completed hole. This allowed for a transparent scoring system with the possibility of tracking scores for each hole, changing game history, and flexibility in changing the playing route (hole order).

Finally, we developed a database to enable the application to store all of the statistics for each game and each player in order to ensure summary data is obtained according to the different filters. This enables users to have an accessible system of accounting and storage of statistics.

Riley Pratt - Founder & CEO, Golf-Based Social Platform

“We like that they [JetRockets] take pride in the work that they do. They try hard to understand what they’re building and deliver something they can be proud of. In addition, experiencing bugs and crashes is expected since we’re building something from scratch, but the code that they implement is very strong.”

Leaderboard Golf Solution
Riley Pratt - Founder & CEO, Golf-Based Social Platform

“JetRockets has met all of our requirements from our original scope in a timely manner — they’ve even delivered some of them ahead of schedule. We’re also able to stay on top of the front-end aspect of the development thanks to their testing capabilities.”


Today, the Leaderboard Golf application operates seamlessly for users looking to play a round of golf while simultaneously being able to track their performance, manage bets, interact with other users, and even keep tags on their growing golf circle. And by increasing the speed and agility of their mobile app development efforts with JetRockets, Leaderboard was able to launch on schedule!


Team: 2 people

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