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Service allows users to manage and enhance their golf experience through providing, among other features, on-course tracking of scores and wagers, access to certain course and player statistics and information, match creation and invitation capabilities, and the ability to share match results with friends through social feeds.

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Leaderboard Golf


Golf specific conditions, e.g., unstable internet connection, which makes it difficult to update the current results without actual game data lost. Intricate game mechanics: golf-specific features such as ‘press’, ‘auto-press’, wagers system, as well as some tricky golf rules-changing features: route-valuation, possibility to change or reset old results, etc. Refusal to use external API for statistics processing, some tricky calculation, e.g. handicap.

Leaderboard Golf


‘Batch update’ - all playing holes are updating simultaneously after each stroke, adding timestamp system for update live score. Separating actual play data update on all holes from calculation of final scores for holes played, cumulative score update for each completed hole.

The database stores all the statistics for each game for each player, summary data is obtained according to filters.

Leaderboard Golf


  • Play data is updated quickly and long distances in game routes don’t interfere score calculations.
  • Transparent scoring system with possibility of tracking scores for each hole, ability to simply change game history, flexibility in changing the playing route (hole order).
  • Accessible system of accounting and storage of statistics.
“They try hard to understand what they’re building and deliver they can be proud of.”
Riley Pratt — Founder & CEO, Golf-Based Social Platform


  • Ruby on Rails

  • React Native

  • Ruby

  • Java Script

Team: 2 back-end developers who were an extension to the Leaderboard's Golf internal team.

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