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The Gut Stuff

gut health tracking app

About the project

The Gut Stuff
Gut Stuff is an easy-to-use application that assists users in understanding their gut health, seeking advice, and forming healthy habits through gut lessons, gut goals, gut cooking methods, and much more.
The Gut Stuff Challenge


Twins Lisa and Alan Macfarlane grew up sharing many common traits. But after participating in a study at the Royal College in London, the duo discovered that despite having 100% identical DNA, their gut microbiomes shared only 30–40% similarity. This revelation explained why their bodies behaved so differently and led them on a fascinating journey into the world of, well, everything gut-related!

Today, the Gut Stuff team is on a mission to help everyone improve their gut health according to their unique needs and lifestyles. As part of this mission, the team aimed to develop an app that would inform users about their gut health and serve as a resource for those seeking advice, personal health tips, and much more.

Previously, JetRockets developed a minimum viable product (MVP) for the platform. Now, the task was to expand the functionality and provide users with more opportunities to interact with the app. The functionality of the electronic diary - Gut Tracker, has been upgraded, offering users health recommendations, challenges to improve their metrics, and reporting features to enable more diligent monitoring of gut health and beyond.

Alana and Lisa Macfarlane - Founders of the Gut Stuff

“We didn’t have anyone on our team with expertise in this field so JetRockets were amazing in listening to our vision and helping us create our MVP in a very quick amount of time. Implementing our ideas with efficiency and accuracy. The team was on hand at any time of the day to answer questions, and communication was excellent.”

The Gut Stuff Solution and Results


CMS — Utilizing the client's brand guidelines, JetRockets crafted an appealing and adaptive application. The implementation of a tailor-made CMS ensured a seamless content management interface. Furthermore, ongoing enhancements to the CMS facilitate effortless configuration for the application, enabling user behavior tracking, statistical management, and various other streams of data.

Onboarding quiz

The Gut Stuff Onboarding quiz

When users first join Gut Stuff, they are greeted with a quiz designed to tailor weekly recommendations based on their answers. Additionally, users can enjoy a captivating animation embedded within the quiz, making the process of answering questions more enjoyable.

Profile settings

The Gut Stuff Profile settings

In addition to implementing a contact form and a FAQ section in the initial version of the application, where users can find and provide additional information as per their choice, this version allows users to control the amount of Gut Points they can spend on receiving discounts and other bonuses from Gut Stuff, as well as manage subscriptions. This feature enables users to track the date of the next payment deduction and the subscription expiration date.


The Gut Stuff Learning

As Gut Stuff serves as both a personal and educational health platform, the application features a Gut Learning section. Here, users can discover recommended articles based on tracked health data, as well as explore interesting and beneficial content for personal reading.

The Gut Stuff Tracker


This easy-to-navigate tracker enables users to track their food, hydration, mood, poop and even explores how they feel overall. The tracker helps users understand how their body works and will give them a great tool to spot good or bad patterns. 

The tracker assists users in understanding if they're experiencing any symptoms and how much physical activity they are participating in. Additionally, users can view important gut health data via reports emailed to them and viewed on their laptop or mobile device.

The Gut Stuff Gut Tracker

We implemented these categories for daily tracking:

  • Poo — Allows users to track their poo each day.
  • Water — Let users track their water usage throughout the day.
  • Stress — Enables users to input their stress levels to track throughout their gut health journey.
  • Food — Where users can log their meals and snacks, edit their quantities, and utilize the platform’s calculator to log their calories.
The Gut Stuff Tracker
  • Exercise — Enables users a place to log and track their daily physical activity;
  • Me Time — This is where users can input something they did for themselves on any given day that doesn’t necessarily have to do with their gut health journey;
  • Sleep — Offers users a place to track the hours they slept at night;
  • Symptoms — Let users document symptoms they may experience whenever they occur;
  • Gratitude — This is where users can create and reflect on things they hold an appreciation for and alter as they see fit;
  • Things I Discovered About My Gut — Whether users have specific challenges with their gut or not, this section is excellent for logging any patterns users have discovered or anything they’ve identified in their gut health journey in order to assist users in further understanding their bodies.

My plan

My plan

The team has developed a My Plan page that updates for the user weekly based on the metrics they've been tracking.

Users will be able to see the positive outcome of their week as well as any negative indicators identified, along with recommendations for improvement. Each metric in My Plan will be accompanied by a chart for a visual representation of the weekly results. Additionally, My Plan will suggest challenges and articles tailored to the user's tracking data.

My Plan helps users focus on their metrics, monitor them, and strive for improvement.


The Gut Stuff Trends

In the Gut Trends section, users can find various types of charts representing the health metrics they track in the tracker. This allows them to visually monitor positive and negative trends, and the data graphics help understand which health indicators require special attention.

Gut cooking

The Gut Stuff Gut cooking

The application also provides recipes and how-to tips to help users create healthier eating habits. This is where users can discover healthy dishes to cook and track their daily scores using nutritional information in the recipe, get storage advice, and ensure they’re eating well.


The Gut Stuff Challenge

The Gut Stuff app offers various challenges assigned to users based on their tracked data in the tracker. This section is designed to motivate users to monitor their health metrics and improve them. Upon successful completion of each challenge, users receive a reward.


The Gut Stuff Shop

In the Shop section, users can find a variety of useful products, bars, and other items from the Gut Stuff team.

Push notifications

Push notification notifies users when:

  • If the user has started using the free trial version of the application;
  • If the user did not participate during the free trial;
  • If the user has not completed the registration quiz;
  • If the user has completed the trial period;
  • If the user has subscribed to use the application;
  • Providing weekly content such as tasks, focus topics and reporting;
  • Reminders and tips for users;
  • Reminders so that users can track their progress;
  • If the user does not perform any actions in the application
The Gut Stuff Push notifications


Today, Gut Stuff offers users a way to get to understand their gut and how to take care of it properly. The platform enables individuals to set and meet their personal goals and assists users in making the jump from following fad diets to living an informed, healthy lifestyle

Going from Project to Partner

Gut Stuff and JetRockets are already planning for our next collaboration to develop the second version of the Gut Stuff platform, in which we’ll be focusing on:

  • Community features
  • Membership
  • Push notification strategy
  • Full launch
  • 121 referral clinic and additional marketplace features
Alana and Lisa Macfarlane - Founders of the Gut Stuff

“Everyone was super passionate about the project and even the CEO came on calls to discuss developments. We had a great experience and product, and we look forward to working with JetRockets on an ongoing basis.”

The Gut Stuff mobile app MVP technology stack:

We use the latest versions of libraries and frameworks unless otherwise specified. When a new version of a library/framework is released, we will also update it on the project (maybe not immediately, if the update has broken backward compatibility).




Team: 8 members

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