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National Jeweler

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About the project

National Jeweler
From market analysis to emerging jewelry trends, the National Jeweler is a media outlet that covers important industry topics critical to the everyday success of jewelry professionals, including retailers, designers, buyers, manufacturers and suppliers.
National Jeweler media, consumer products & servicess


Since 1906, the National Jeweler has been one of the most-trusted news sources for jewelry professionals. Published by Jewelers of America — the leading nonprofit jewelry association in the United States — the National Jeweler has long provided its readers with award-winning editorial coverage, as well as advice from in-depth analysis and expert contributors every day.

However, with the bar for news outlets consistently rising as technological advancements continue to elevate the state of media today, Jewelers of America wanted to improve their website to keep pace with the changing nature of the reader experience.

Because the original site wasn’t created with user-experience in mind, the underlying CMS had limited functionality which required a good deal of manual work for the internal team. The team wanted to advance their website’s overall functionality and simultaneously work to enhance the brand image altogether. That’s where JetRockets came in.

The Jewelers of America partnered with our team to provide web design and development services in order to make their website more engaging, stylish, and responsive in effort to further engage their readers.

Digital Project Manager, Jewelers Association

“Their creative director’s approach was phenomenal. Her vision for our site was by far the best visual display we saw. It captured the real essence of where we wanted to go.”

National Jeweler Challenge


After assessing both the needs and necessary updates of the National Jeweler site, JetRockets, with the help of Claudia Chow designed a new site that took into account the user experience from an internal and external perspective. In doing this, the team crafted the design with backend services in mind that could also work to elevate the way readers view and interact with the website.

In addition, it was important to the Jewelers of America team that the new website be designed with an ample amount of contextual ad space, while still considering the user-experience.

Once our new design was approved, JetRockets moved forward with implementing a custom built CMS into the new site in order to provide an easy-to-use interface for content management. From there, we updated and ported over content from the old site into the new version in a way that fit the elevated design.

Digital Project Manager, Jewelers Association

“They JetRockets did a great job of meeting deadlines and delivering what was necessary in a timely fashion.”

National Jeweler solution
National Jeweler solution


JetRockets was successfully able to make the National Jeweler website more engaging, responsive and on par with the latest media trends. Since the launch of the new website, the team has experienced higher user engagement, awareness and an improved brand perception.

Digital Project Manager, Jewelers Association

“The overall design and functionality are excellent. As an organization, we’re 100% satisfied with the direction, development, timeframe, and execution of the site.”

National Jeweler Results


Team: 8 people

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