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(The JetRockets) team is very well acquainted with the technology; they know what they are doing.

LendingOne offers short and longer-term loans to real estate investors and developers, providing them the capital they need to enhance their fix-and-flip rental property portfolios.The firm was founded in 2014 by established serial entrepreneur Bill Green.

The Mission

LendingOne founder Bill Green approached JetRockets within a year of founding his new venture, seeking help to distinguish the company as a true fintech operation driven by cutting edge technology—not just another moneylender. To that end, the company needed to develop technology to streamline the process of reaching and processing incoming customers and creating a platform through which LendingOne employees could address their needs.

The Solution

Having surveyed the field of already available out-of-the-box customer relationship management platforms (CRM), LendingOne knew that none included the special features it envisioned for its own system. To meet the company’s needs, the JetRockets team created a custom application processing platform to allow potential customers to fill out loan applications outlining their needs, which LendingOne staff could then address quickly and efficiently.

JetRockets also built a system to automate LendingOne’s loan origination underwriting procedures, including tools to verify income and conduct background checks on those submitting applications. The result streamlined the process from loan origination through information gathering, document management and the delivery of funds to clients.

The third piece in the puzzle was expanding the platform to automatically calculate commissions for LendingOne’s sales team and loan officers.

The JetRockets team continues to work with LendingOne as its development team, building out and augmenting its technologies to grow and enhance its services for its clients and its employees, while also adjusting the company’s tools as it seeks to adapt to current industry and overall economic trends. In this ongoing process, JetRockets works closely with LendingOne’s CTO to implement new ideas on an ongoing basis.

Over the years, JetRockets has scaled its own team of developers to address LendingOne’s needs, allocating more team members during periods of intense development.


Throughout the process of building out LendingOne’s platform, the JetRockets team integrated the company’s system with loan servicing companies, real estate appraisal firms, property search services, and other data sources that serve the real estate lending industry.

JetRockets also enabled LendingOne to integrate with services such as PayPal, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and others.

Google Analytics
Group Mailchimp


At the outset, LendingOne’s platform began as a monolithic application – self-contained and independent from other computing applications. But, over time, as more functionality was added, the JetRockets team broke the system into a web service model, with standalone web services that work in tandem through an application programming interface (API) connection to support one another.

Ruby on Rails


  • Location: Boca Raton, FL / USA
  • Timeline: June 2015 - Present
  • Launch date: September 2015
  • Years of support: 5,5
Project team:
  1. UX&UI Specialist
  2. Three Frontend Developers
  3. Six Backend Developers
  4. QA Engineer
  5. DevOps Engineer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Account manager
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