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Andrew Parshukov
Andrew Parshukov
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How Technology is Impacting Financial Services

The financial industry has long been at the forefront of technological development. Centuries ago, it led to the discovery of logarithms and decimal numbers. More recently, it adopted computers and the internet decades before the general public.

Today, technology continues to drive finance. Some key areas of modern financial technology include:

  • Customer Relations Management

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Blockchain

  • API Platforms

Andrew Parshukov
Andrew Parshukov
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2023 IT & Development Outlook Report

How Tech Leaders Are Tackling Digital Transformation Amidst Talent Shortages & Economic Uncertainty

While the entire C-suite has been tested over the last couple years, few roles have been impacted as much as the role of the CIO and CTO. Tasked with scaling their organizations’ digitization efforts, these tech leaders have been in the eye of the storm since the onset of the pandemic, with its fallout causing companies to grapple with the many challenges and complexities that have arisen since.

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