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  • calendar February 2022 - June 2022
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RevShopp’s creators have devised a system that helps retailers determine whether a product is suitable for each Body Shape. For his part, the user will be able to select his Body Shape, after which he will see a simple score that shows how well the product suits him. RevShopp offers a simple ranking by Body Types as well as a product scoring system that is intuitive and easily understood by users.



The platform was already developed when RevShopp contacted JetRockets. It was in the form of an algorithm that allowed determining the degree of suitability clothing for different Body Shapes.

JetRockets came to help them further develop a complete system to show customers what would suit them best among the clothes available online. This would allow buyers to be more satisfied with their choice, and sellers to reduce the return rate and make their stores more attractive to customers.



Since the main stages of the algorithm have already been completed, creating an algorithm from zero was not necessary. The developers found areas that needed improvement — updating outdated code libraries and rewriting some areas of the algorithm to work with it further. It would be impossible to further develop the algorithm without these changes, so they were required.



RevShopp and JetRockets together made the decision to abandon the primitive old algorithm control system. JetRockets began creating a new one. The new administration system reflects all internal changes made to the algorithm. In addition, it completely allows the RevShopp team to make changes to the rules and parameters of the algorithm, while at the same time not violating its logic in any way. This will help RevShopp to add and edit body shapes, and product types and improve the rules for these types, thus improving the algorithm.

Administration system


However, an algorithm is an internal thing invisible to the eye. How can we see it? The answer is an administration system section that lets the RevShopp team add products and view which parameters and rules are applied to each that has been added. A convenient presentation of information in the form of a table allows users to visually trace the operation of the algorithm.


So, there is already an algorithm, a system for managing it. What can we do with it to improve the online shopping industry? It is necessary to show the result of the algorithm to the end user. For this, the JetRockets team developed a widget. The retailer can install it for their online store. The widget allows the customers to select their body type, and then see how well each product suits them.

API integration


An API was developed by JetRockets to communicate between the widget and the algorithm. This API allows data exchange with the Shopify API. In this way, a widget installed in an online store on the Shopify platform can assure interactivity between the algorithm, the widget, and the platform.



JetRockets continued to develop the algorithm. It was refactored, and changes were added to improve its performance. The logic of the algorithm was not significantly affected.

JetRockets also created an administration system for the algorithm. The system allows RevShopp to control the algorithm and adjust the parameters of its work. In addition, the client can independently create new rules for the operation of the algorithm, developing and improving it this way.

Furthermore, the JetRockets team created a widget for the Shopify platform. Widget visually shows the suitability of clothing to a potential customer quickly, clearly, and simply. The widget is connected to the algorithm through API and reflects the result of its work.

The result was a system that enables people to use online stores confidently. Such a creative process as the selection of suitable clothes was put into a complex algorithm, subject to clear rules of logic. And finally, it is designed so that it is simple and accessible to the end user.

“From the get-go, we felt supported and well taken care of.”
Carrie Fields Amy – CPO, RevShopp


  • Ruby

  • Java Script

  • PostgeSQL

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Svelte

Team: 5 people

  • PM
  • 2 Backend Engineers
  • Frontend Engineer
  • QA Engineer
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