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body shape intelligence platform

About the project

  • location New York, NY / California, CA / USA
  • calendar February 2022 - June 2022
  • link
RevShopp is a user-friendly, body shape intelligence platform that offers scalable solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and subscription services. The platform harnesses the knowledge and experience of personal stylists, and enables users to determine whether a product is suitable for each given body shape.


Women have tailored the style to their body shape and preferences


Possibility to decrease returns in apparel industry

Using a custom algorithm, the platform unlocks key data points to true personalization

RevShopp Challenge


When purchasing clothing items from e-commerce brands, it’s not uncommon for online shoppers to run into the suspicious ‘one-size-fits-all’ description of clothing item sizes that are anything but standardized. Naturally this often leads to unhappy shoppers and poor customer experiences. To solve this widespread issue, RevShopp developed a proof-of-concept that unlocked the key data points to true personalization and was designed to help shoppers find clothes that they felt confident in.

With a proof of concept in hand, RevShopp approached JetRockets to further hone their technology and develop a system that would enable retailers to unlock the next generation of personalization, increase conversion rates and decrease returns from unsatisfied customers.

Carrie Fields Amy – CPO, RevShopp

“The scope of work was to refactor an existing code base to get it ready for scalable and maintainable production on a large retail ecommerce site. Our prototype had the majority of the logic embedded in code and JetRockets was able to make the system completely dynamic through the use of a configurable admin console.”

RevShopp Solution


RevShopp and JetRockets began working to create a solution that would advance body shape intelligence by showcasing clothing items online to consumers based on their body type.

After auditing the current technology, we determined that developing a new algorithm from scratch was not necessary, but there were still areas in the platform that required improvement. This included updating outdated code libraries and rewriting some areas of the algorithm in order to build on the platform’s main features.

Here are some of the key elements of the solution that we helped RevShopp develop:

RevShopp Body Shape Intelligence Algorithm

Body Shape Intelligence Algorithm

Similar to how the RevShopp team wanted a platform that was seamless for users, JetRockets wanted to ensure that their backend-control was just as easy and accessible for their team. As such, we decided to abandon the old algorithm control system and create a new one.

The new administration system reflects all of the internal changes made to the algorithm, meaning the adjustments are automatically put in place within the administration system whenever the algorithm is modified.

In addition, it allows the RevShopp team to make changes to the rules and parameters of the algorithm, while at the same time not violating its logic in any way. This helps the platform add and edit body shapes and product types in the future.

Administration system

RevShopp Administration system

The administration system section enables the RevShopp team to add products and view which parameters and rules are applied. This presents the information in the form of a table that allows users to visually trace the operation of the algorithm.


The RevShopp team also wanted a way to display the results of the algorithm to the end user. For this, the JetRockets team developed a widget that a retailer can use on their online store and allow the customer to select their body type in order to see how well each product suits them.

API integration

RevShopp Results

An API was developed by JetRockets to communicate between the widget and the algorithm. This API allows data exchange with the Shopify API. In this way, a widget installed in an online store on the Shopify platform can assure interactivity between the algorithm, the widget, and the platform.

RevShopp API Integration


Today, RevShopp enables retailers to collect the key data points needed to unlock true personalization to body shape, and thus allows retailers to further help shoppers feel their best in the clothes that they buy.

By using a Rails and Svelte framework, as well as Ruby, Javascript, and PostgreSQL programming languages, we were successfully able to develop various features that addressed the needs of retailers and implement them into the RevShopp platform.

To date, RevShopp has styled over 3000 women and helped x amount of retailers increase conversions and elevate the customer experiences they provide.

Carrie Fields Amy – CPO, RevShopp

“From the beginning, the team led with confidence letting us know that they would work with us as true partners. They were incredibly agile on this project, getting to know the intricacies of our algorithm and defining how we might manage our complex platform with an administrative console.”


Team: 5 people

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