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Plexi Platform

saas data engineering platform

About the project

Plexi Platform

Plexifact is a provider of SaaS data engineering platform and services in the data management space. By working hand-in-hand with your organization, Plexifact creates custom made, continuously evolving solutions that power growth through digital transformation.

Plexi Platform saas data engineering platform


We sought to bring order to the data chaos.

Every day people spend hours collecting data for analysis, and it becomes out of date as soon as they are done. A lot of mistakes take place, the data format isn’t friendly to a lot of people, and it’s difficult to bring data from different source systems together.

Companies struggle to satisfy their technical and non-technical users’ data needs simultaneously. It’s always challenging to keep up with the constantly changing datasets that drive businesses. JetRockets’ challenge was to create a platform that could solve all those issues.

Spoiler alert: we did that!

Plexi Platform challenge


We created a web application that finds mistakes in big data automatically. If your organization has outgrown data wrangling in spreadsheets and flat files, Plexifact can help take it to the next level.

Plexi Platform solution


We created a web application where you can set your own rules for data analysis. Then you can upload files and check them according to set rules. The system shows mistakes in files and helps to fix them.

Plexi is a cloud-based, metadata-driven data engineering platform that encapsulates decades of learning and success in digital transformations. Robust design principles baked into the platform ensure best practices in data ingestion, conditioning, and integration, with minimal effort and cost.

Alex Chianuri
“We were impressed with their flexibility, professionalism, and willingness to work with us.”


  • Svelte

  • JavaScript

Team: 4 people

  • 2 front-end developer
  • 1 UX&UI Designer
  • 1 Project Manager
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