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Allied Partners

custom erp/data management system

About the project

  • location New York, NY / USA
  • calendar October 2021 - December 2021
Allied Partners

As of today, Allied Partners has acquired more than 30 properties, financed numerous private mortgages, and completed numerous major construction and renovation projects.

Allied Partners currently manages 35 high-end residential condominiums and co-ops in New York City. They manage some of New York City’s most valuable residential buildings, such as 15 Central Park West, the San Remo, One Beacon Court, 56 Leonard (aka the Jenga Building), One-Fifth Avenue, 740 Park, and many other notable co-ops and apartments.

Allied Partners Challenge


The management of so many buildings isn’t easy. In order to operate efficiently, Allied Partners need to work with a large amount of data. It is necessary to know everything about every managed building: from an electrician’s phone to mortgage refinancing.

For tracking changes in extensive building data, Allied Partners initially relied on Excel spreadsheets, email, and verbal communication. As time went on, it became clear that this method is inefficient, since it is too easy to miss something. So Allied Partners turned to JetRockets.

The JetRockets team was tasked with creating a unified system for accounting and controlling all information about buildings managed by Allied Partners.

Allied Partners Solution


Using an analysis, JetRockets was able to determine what information was needed for each building and group it. It was decided that adding a building to the system should not be difficult, so at this stage, the user needs to fill out a simple form with basic information. After that, tabs are now available for each added building (for example, General info, Mortgage, Units, etc.) each with different fields for filling in the information (Dates, text, and so on). In addition, the composition of these tabs, fields, and even whether they are required or not, varies depending on the type of building (For example, Condo, Resi-rental, Office, and so on).

Another task for the «simplification of life» for the company’s employees was the creation of notifications. Thanks to the integration with Amazon Web Services, this was achieved. One of the main pieces of information in the system is information about contracts. For a certain time, employees receive an email reminder about how long this or that contract expires.

Allied Partners Custom reporting system

Custom reporting system

One of the subtasks was to facilitate reporting. JetRockets developed a custom reporting system since each building has a lot of data. Using a special form, the user can independently select the data that he needs to see in the report. The system generates a report in the form of a table that can be exported to Excel if necessary.

But absolutely all data cannot be available to absolutely all employees of the company. For example, such data is information about company payments. As a solution, each employee was assigned a Role, depending on which employees have permissions to a particular tab, as well as restrictions on adding information inaccessible to them in reports.

Allied Partners Editing and viewing buildings

Editing and viewing buildings

Permissions also include restrictions on editing and viewing buildings. Depending on the role, the user can edit/view either all buildings or only those that he manages.

In addition, it is necessary to keep records of personal employees of the company and information about them. The administrator status as well as roles expand the functionality of the system, making it possible to manage information about Allied Partners employees.

Allied Partners Integrations


The system also needed some integration with 3rd party service providers.

Integration with Microsoft Authentication solved the issue of security. Now each user needs to enter not only their username and password but also a code from the Microsoft Authentication application.

“They provided insight into the development phase and how they could improve on certain aspects of the database.”
IT Manager, Real Estate Company
Allied Partners Results


Thus, JetRockets implemented a Custom ERP system that allowed:

  • securely store all important information about each building managed by Allied Partners;
  • solve some personnel tasks, like appointing those responsible for building controllers and managing employee information;
  • implemented a system of permissions and roles in relation to data with different access;
  • also implemented notifications for expiring contracts that come to the email;
  • in addition, custom reports have been added, which allow users to independently select the data they need in the form of a table, then export it to Excel if necessary;

The JetRockets team worked with several key people from Allied Partners throughout the analysis and development process. Together with the JetRockets team, they developed the concept of the system the company needed and provided feedback as they worked on the tasks.


Team: 8 people

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