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retail customer experience management platform

About the project

Luxlock is an omni-channel Retail Customer Experience Management Platform that merges the digital and physical worlds by creating real-life shopping experiences and linking brand extensions to unlock experiential marketing.
Luxlock retail customer experience management platform


The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic presented a major challenge for retail brands, who had no choice but to switch to an ecommerce-driven business strategy in order to succeed. While the rapid shift to digitization enabled many brands to stay afloat, luxury retail, in particular, suffered significantly due to their dependence on in-person, high-touch customer service interaction which was severely limited during lockdown.

With this in mind, Casey Golden, the founder of Luxlock, emerged with an idea to remedy the situation and bring a personalized shopping experience to online retailers. His idea was to develop an online platform that merges the digital and physical worlds by creating and providing customized shopping experiences for retailers across the board.

But in order to turn this idea into a reality, Golden and his team needed a development partner that could help design a software solution that could provide retailers with a seamless and consistent shopping experience for users across multiple channels and touchpoints. That’s where JetRockets came in.

Casey Golden - Founder, LuxLock

“By the time we were looking to hire a service provider, I already had a great rapport with JetRockets, they had already been in our system and they knew how our system worked. They had a clear understanding of how to take over the reins.”

Luxlock Challenge


Beginning the development process, our team collaborated with Luxlock’s founder to pinpoint the core functionalities and features that the platform should possess. These included inventory administration, collaboration with dominant eCommerce sites (Shopify, BigCommerce), and customer data analysis.

After identifying the platform’s key components, we designed and implemented user-friendly interfaces for both retailers and employees alike, and augmented them with modern data analytics abilities to optimize personalized marketing and sales tactics. As such, we developed the platform to enables users to experience:

Luxlock Solutions

Hyper Personalization

The Luxlock platform can instantly recognize and recall customer preferences across multiple locations to ensure every shopper can receive a hyper-personalized experience.

The platform syncs shopper preferences and contextualizes experiential impact data to deliver digital-first shopping services. The physical data layer unifies non-proprietary shopper information like size, style and product preferences to ensure greater ecosystem success.

Salespeople are able to digitize their established client base while also developing new customer relationships without risking client trust. Decrease delayed responses and exchange manual processes for more productive selling time.

Luxlock Hyper Personalization

Experience Unification through Universal Digital Closets

Luxlock auto-populates consumer closets by merging siloed databases to create a universal shopper profile which empowers the stylists by taking away the guesswork. Stylists are able to expand on what shoppers already own. Mix and match new products with items they already love. Drive Lifetime Value (LTV) by harnessing the power of sustainable relevancy.

Shoppers can bring their closets with them to get live styling, wardrobing, and complementary product recommendations.

Brand Benefits

Luxlock Experience Unification through Universal Digital Closets

Increase Conversions, LTV, AUR Enterprise Direct to Consumer (D2C) retail API was designed to propel premium brands into a digital-first consumer-centric operating model. Luxlock’s consumer B2B ecosystem architecture allows brands to move the needle with current customers and handle rapidly changing customer expectations.

Drive Selling Performance and Profitability

Luxlock Drive Selling Performance and Profitability

Luxlock business intelligence provides integrated retail analytics and a visual reporting suite which provides immediate access to critical product and consumer insights. Business Managers, Marketing Directors, and Merchandise Planners have valuable insights into each category of the business on the consumer-level.

Casey Golden - Founder, LuxLock

“Today, Luxlock’s Retail Customer Experience Management Platform enables brands to connect lifestyle extensions to manage curated customer journeys across brand portfolio assets. This allows Luxlock users to hyper-segment their customers based on lifestyle preferences and drive customer retention through high-impact brand engagement.”

Going from Project to Partner

Today, Luxlock and JetRockets continue to collaborate. Through high quality, attentive support and a creative approach to problem solving, JetRockets continues to maintain and advance the company’s software in order to ensure the technology’s functionality meets the needs of the Luxlock team and retailers at all times.

Casey Golden - Founder, LuxLock

“They’re JetRockets not just looking at how to solve a problem today, they think about how it needs to work in the future. They really took the time to understand our whole product and vision to ensure our decisions today are not going to negatively impact us three months from now…They’ve been founders themselves so they really understand the process of scaling and growing as a business. I feel like I have a really great partner.”



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