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AskJack, TaskJack, JackPro

marketplace for on-demand service providers

About the project

  • location United States
  • calendar 2016 - 2019
AskJack, TaskJack, JackPro
A portfolio of three apps - AskJack, TaskJack, and JackPro - that work seamlessly to create a comprehensive and user-friendly marketplace for on-demand home-service providers.
AskJack Challenge


Every homeowner understands how frustrating it can be when unexpected problems arise in their home. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a malfunctioning appliance, or a leaky roof, these issues can pile up and become overwhelming. That’s why AskJack recognized the need for solutions that could seamlessly connect homeowners with reliable contractors and service providers on demand.

Their idea was to create a portfolio of applications that could work together to deliver exceptional experiences for users and service providers alike. Initially, the AskJack assembled an in-house development team to handle the design and frontend of the project. However, they quickly realized that they needed additional expertise to complete the project.

That’s when JetRockets entered the picture. AskJack partnered with our team to help create a set of mobile applications and develop the backend infrastructure to ensure success and sustainability.

Anthony Gallo – Co-founder, AskJack

“With JetRockets, the communication was easy and efficient, and their technical skill level has been a tremendous asset.”

AskJack Solution


The first solution we helped develop is the AskJack application, which seamlessly connects homeowners with top local contractors. With one click, users can book a service provider, get a quote, and pay for services directly within the app. This streamlined process makes it easy for homeowners to find the help they need, while also providing service providers with new business opportunities.

In addition to AskJack, we also worked together to develop the TaskJack application in order to help users conquer daily tasks stress-free. Whether it’s furniture assembly, moving, delivery, or handyman work, TaskJack connects users with nearby Taskers who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Because of this application, homeowners can enjoy a hassle-free experience, knowing that their tasks are being handled by reliable, vetted professionals.

Finally, we helped develop the JackPro application specifically for service providers. This platform enables them to seamlessly manage their schedules, payments, and other details. JackPro also features a built-in algorithm that helps providers determine their availability based on their schedule preferences and proximity to the consumer. We also developed the system to allow providers a specific timeframe to respond to a request before it is rerouted to the next available match, ensuring that homeowners always receive prompt service.

Anthony Gallo – Co-founder, AskJack

“JetRockets has done high-quality work and kept great notes that allow other developers to pick up where they left off if necessary.”

AskJack Results


Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to create a suite of applications that empowered homeowners to quickly and easily connect with contractors and service providers for urgent tasks, home improvement projects, and other odd jobs. Today, the trio of applications — AskJack, TaskJack, JackPro — operate a fully-functional marketplace for on-demand service providers.

Anthony Gallo – Co-founder, AskJack

“They JetRockets were excellent. They always took our budget into account and managed our expectations around timelines and what was realistic for our first MVP. They’ve been extremely knowledgeable throughout the process.”



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