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Cassin & Cassin LLP

custom crm for law firm

About the project

Cassin & Cassin LLP
Cassin & Cassin LLP is a well known name in the world of commercial real estate transactions. The company represents lending institutions, investment funds, and small to medium-size companies in all aspects of real estate including financing, buying, selling, leasing and development.

Daily operations and staff efficiency by automating case management workflow

Single data repository of all information related to clients and their legal matters

Reduced monthly expenses by removing Salesforce and Juris subscriptions.

Increased security and
data protection

Cassin & Cassin LLP Challenge


For over 30 years, Cassin & Cassin LLP has provided top-quality legal services for their robust roster of real-estate clients. Although this means the company has been successfully doing business since fax machines were a popular form of communication, Cassin & Cassin LLP knows it’s important to continuously evolve the technology that is core to their business.

After years of manually inputting data into several different data sources (Juris, Excel, Outlook, Salesforce), Cassin & Cassin LLP wanted to find or create a system that could automate some of their daily tasks as well as combine their data into one platform. Because inserting data took away critical time the team needed to utilize for other client needs and matters, the team also wanted a system that was capable of successfully running management reports and could enable the Cassin & Cassin LLP’s team to accurately predict workload and revenues.

After surveying multiple off-the-shelf software solutions and discussing the possibility of developing a custom platform, the firm eventually settled on JetRockets to take on the project. From there, our goal was to consolidate all of Cassin & Cassin’s databases into one custom solution capable of generating pipeline reports through an automated process.

Ron Uretta – CFO, Cassin, Cassin LLP

“JetRockets came highly recommended to us by our third-party IT service provider. They’d had good experiences with them, so we interviewed the team along with a couple of other software providers. We ultimately felt Natalie and her team really understood our business right after our first meeting.”

Cassin & Cassin LLP Solution


In order to develop a state-of-the-art, modern information processing system that lets Cassin & Cassin LLP handle their clients with ease, we performed two primary operations that would consolidate and combine the company’s services. These included:

Matter Tracking

Cassin & Cassin LLP Matter Tracking

As the company works across several practice areas with different legal matter types, we needed to develop a way for users to add different matters into the system. In doing this, we created separate forms for each type of matter and added a few pipelines to make the process of working on matters easier. This allows employees to move matters by status, add their own comments, and upload documents as needed.

Time Tracking

Cassin & Cassin LLP Time Tracking

We know that every minute of legal work is expensive, so we added this module to allow users to track time for concrete matters and clients alike, as well as allow the company to ensure employee productivity.

Expense Tracking

Cassin & Cassin LLP Expense Tracking

As tracking expenses is just as critical as tracking time, we developed this module to allow users to track each expense.

Cassin & Cassin LLP Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System

Because lawyers need to save general information about clients and contact data, we built this CRM to allow them to manage their client base and add notes about each client.

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

Cassin & Cassin LLP Invoicing and Payment Tracking

We created a service that processes data from Time Tracking and Expense Tracking modules and produces a bill based on this data. With this, each client gets a detailed bill that breaks down how and where each dollar was spent. The module supports T&M contracts as well as Retainer agreements.


Cassin & Cassin LLP Reporting

Legal firms need the ability to analyze the work of their employees, and employees need the ability to track their productivity and where they are spending their time. With this in mind, we developed a separate module that enables users to create, generate, customize, and even save their various reports.

Document Management

Cassin & Cassin LLP Document Management

The new CMMS was integrated with Worldox, a common document management system used by law firms. The integration significantly reduce the data entry time and increased data accuracy.

Conflict Search

Cassin & Cassin LLP Conflict Search

The new CMMS has a built-in conflict search functionality that reviews all data stored in the system, including documents to alert the users about potential legal conflicts.

Migrating existing data

After automating several aspects of the user experience we then turned to processing and analyzing the company’s existing databases.

As Cassin & Cassin LLP stored data in a few different platforms, including Salesforce, Juris, and Worldox, we explored all these services and pulled the custom data stored in each. Once all of the important data was saved, we then transferred them to the new database we created.

Ron Uretta – CFO, Cassin, Cassin LLP

“The quality of their service is very good. The team is very responsive, and they’re a very can-do kind of group. We’re very happy with JetRockets.”

Cassin & Cassin LLP Results


Today, Cassin & Cassin LLP continues to provide top-quality, end-to-end legal services for their real estate clients. Through our help in consolidating and combining their databases, Cassin & Cassin LLP is now able to streamline its internal information processes, allowing the company to save time and money.

Ron Uretta – CFO, Cassin, Cassin LLP

“JetRockets has a willingness to do everything; they’ve never said no. They have a very positive attitude, they’re timely and punctual, and they never overpromise and underdeliver. I would definitely recommend JetRockets.”



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