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Cassin & Cassin

Now in its third decade, Cassin is a known name in the world of commercial real estate transactions. Cassin represent lending institutions, investment funds, and small to medium-size companies in all aspects of real estate including financing, buying, selling, leasing and development.

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Cassin LLP was founded in 1986. A lot of things have been changed since the time they had started working. A lot of method of processing information were implemented to their work. JetRockets chose and saved the best practice and cut off excess.


Solution & Results

To get started, the JetRockets team conducted an analysis of Cassin & Cassin’s work process and information flow to identify inefficiencies. Based on its discoveries, the team designed a web-based legal matter management system that provided several key elements.


Matter tracking

Cassin works on a few types of matters. We needed to allow users to add different matters in the system. So, we created separated form for each type of matters. Also, we created some pipelines to make the process working on matters easier. Allow to move them by status, write a comments, upload documents and etc.


Time Tracking

Each minute of legal’s work day is really expensive. We added Time Tracking module to allow users to track time to concrete matters or clients and allow the company to controll the time of each employee.


Expense Tracking

Not only the time should be tracked. Any other expenses are required to be controlled too. We created the module to allow users to track each expense to make sure no one dollar will be skipped.


Customer Relationship Management System

Lawyers need to save general information about clients and contact data. We created a module to allow them to manage clients base and make notes about each client.


Invoicing and Payment Tracking

Most lawyers work by T&M contracts. We made a service that processes data from Time Tracking and Expense Tracking modules and creates a bill based on these data. Each client gets a detailed bill and can check how each dollar was spent.



Analysis is very important part of business. Company should be able to analyse work of its employees. Employees should be able to analyse their productivity. So, we create a separate module that is allow users to create and generate various reports. Users can set it up as they want and save any templates.



JetRockets integrated Cassin & Cassin’s new system with Worldox for seamless document management.

“I would definitely recommend JetRockets.”
Ronald Uretta — Former CFO & COO, Cassin & Cassin, LLP


  • Ruby on Rails 6.x

  • Ruby 2.7.x

  • Svelte

  • PostgreSQL 12.x

  • Sidekiq

  • Redis


  • RollBar

  • Worldox

Team: 7 people

  • 3 back-end developers (1 of them is a tech lead)
  • 1 front-end developer
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 DevOps
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