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Cassin & Cassin CMMS


  • Location: New York, NY / USA
  • Timeline: March 2020 - October 2021
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Founded in 1986, New York-based Cassing & Cassing LLP, is a dynamic, fast-expanding multi-disciplinary law firm with offices in four cities.

The Mission

When Cassin & Cassin’s IT provider saw that the firm needed to greatly improve its daily operations processes, JetRockets was recommended to get the job done.

At the time, Cassin & Cassin had no single data repository to keep track of its various legal cases, no means to produce accurate reports on the status of each, and little tracking of employee productivity. The firm relied on Excel spreadsheets, emails, and verbal communication to keep its house in order; with a single, full-time employee tasked with gathering information from attorneys on a weekly basis to provide management with regular status updates.

Cassin & Cassin had tried to implement several off-the-shelf solutions to streamline their internal organization woes, but found none to be truly effective. It was up to JetRockets’ to identify all the pain points and find a cure the firm could rely on.

The Solution

To get started, the JetRockets team conducted an analysis of Cassin & Cassin’s work process and information flow to identify inefficiencies. Based on its discoveries, the team designed a web-based legal matter management system that provided several key elements:

  • Matter tracking (so each practice area has its own custom matter form and tracking process)
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Invoicing and Payment Tracking
  • information Reporting

JetRockets’ solution reduced manual data entry and automated certain processes that had slowed Cassin & Cassin’s productivity. The team also introduced consistency across the various practices, as each had previously utilized its own way of tracking cases—some using Excel files, others MSWord files, and others recording information on physical binders. In doing so, it simplified and organized the way the firm gathered, stored and tracked its information across multiple locations.

Throughout the process of analysis and build-out, the JetRockets team worked with several key people from Cassin & Cassin who provided the vision for the system the firm required, and test-drove all the solutions JetRockets’ implemented, providing feedback along the way.


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