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Bright is a social app based on the idea that our Members deserve to be happy, healthy, and safe online. That’s why we don’t have ads, keep out bots, ban all trolls, fight fake news, and never ever sell your data to anyone. It’s time for a social network that treats you like you count, and not like a number.

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The BrightApp


Current social networks doesn’t look like a healthy place now. We needed to create a place where members won’t get a spam, advertising, and toxic content, where each member will be feel him free and find new people who share his interests.

The BrightApp

Creating a platform with the ability to discuss favourite topics.

The BrightApp


  • Authors should be able to sort articles by topics. Each author want to get the most interested readers. So, we need to show the new articles to subscribers. It’s the reason why we allowed authors to sort articles by topics. Articles can be associated with a few topics because articles on The BrightApp are very diverse. But we didn’t forget about new potential readers. But we didn’t forget about new potential readers. We publish fresh articles on the general page too.
  • Users should be able to mark their favourite topics. We didn’t want to overload users extra information on one hand and we didn’t want to allow the to skip anything interesting on the other hand. We allowed users to choose a few favourite topics. Any new of favourite topics will be pinned on the general page for a users.
The BrightApp

Subscribtion & Gifts

  • Users should be able to buy subscription. If a user like The Bright App he can buy subscription for a month or year.
  • Users should be able to gift subscription. If a user really love The BrightApp and want to share it with friends he can gift them subscription to any holiday.
The BrightApp


  • Authors should be able to write, update and publish articles any time. We integrated a good text redactor to allow authors to use different instruments. They can write and format text, attach images and videos, and etc. Also, authors can control schedule of their publications.
  • User should be able to find fresh articles. Each new article will be published on the general page and it’ll be visible for any user. Also, fresh articles will be pinned in the topics sections to allow users to find the most interesting info for them.
The BrightApp


  • Authours should be able to get feedback. Authors can realised was a new article more interested than previous for readers or not. They can control count of likes and read comments. Also, they can communicate with readers in the comments.
  • Users should be able to comment and likes articles. If a user loves an article or author they can like it. Also, he can write comments and discuss articles with other readers or authors.
The BrightApp


User should be able to subscribe to newsletter. Each user can subscribe to newsletter to be on the same page with other members.

“They had an excellent design concept and implemented it beautifully.”
Steven Jones — COO, Bright App Enterprises


  • Ruby 3.x

  • Redis

  • Ruby on Rails 6.x

  • React

  • PostgreSQL 12.x

  • Sidekiq


  • SendGrid

  • Stripe

  • RollBar

Team: 6 people

  • 1 frontend developer
  • 2 backend developers (1of them is a tech lead)
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 DevOps
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