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The BrightApp

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About the project

The BrightApp
Bright is a revolutionary social app that aims to create a safer and happier online environment for its users. Dedicated to the idea that all members deserve to be respected, protected, and valued while they engage in social activities online, Bright uses strict measures to ensure the best possible experience for its users.
The BrightApp Challenge


Despite the fact that many individuals enjoy staying connected through social media, today’s users are regularly forced to deal with disinformation, polarization, exploitative content, and erosion of privacy on a near daily basis. As such, many current social networks have become unhealthy ecosystems.

To solve this problem, the Bright team wanted to build a community where members won’t get spam, advertising, or toxic content, and where each member will feel free to find new people who share their interests. With this idea, the team needed a dedicated IT development partner that could bring their idea to life.

After a robust interview process, the Bright team set their sights on JetRockets.

Steven Jones – COO, Bright App Enterprises

“Everything from the initiation of the design phase to ongoing support is excellent. They JetRockets are responsive and hard-working. The project continuously moved forward, and they worked very hard to resolve technical hitches, including meeting with us on the weekend. They are invested in our success.”

The BrightApp Solution


For JetRockets, the initial project was building the platform and the various elements that separate Bright from other social media applications. These elements include:

The BrightApp Topics


The JetRockets team was able to build a platform that enabled authors to sort articles by topic, as well as the ability to present a range of articles. And by publishing fresh articles on the general page, Bright is able to attract new potential readers.

Favorite Topics

However, while the team at Bright didn’t want users to skip anything interesting, they also didn’t want to overload users with an excessive amount of information. This is why the Bright App was designed to allow users to choose a few favorite topics, and any new topics will be pinned on the general page for users.

The BrightApp Favorite Topics


Authors are better equipped to create quality content when they have flexibility and the ability to personalize their content. To accomplish this, our team integrated a good text redactor to allow authors to use different instruments. These instruments give authors the ability to:

  • Control their publication schedule
  • Write and format text
  • Attach images and videos

Once a new article is published on the general page and will be visible to any user. Moreover, fresh articles can be pinned in the topics sections to allow users to find the most interesting and relevant content for them.

The BrightApp Communication & Feedback

Communication & Feedback

User feedback has always been a fundamental component of social media platforms and it’s essential for authors to receive this communication as well. This is why the Bright App is designed to let authors:

  • Determine if readers found a new article more interesting than a previous one
  • Read comments
  • Control the count of likes
  • Communicate with readers in the comments
The BrightApp Subscriptions


BrightApp operates via subscriptions which users can buy on a monthly or yearly basis. However, users are able to experience the platform first before making a purchase. Moreover, users have the ability to gift subscriptions to their friends and family.


The BrightApp Newsletter

Finally, users are now able to subscribe to the Bright App newsletter, allowing them to stay connected and engaged on the same page as other users and members.

Steven Jones – COO, Bright App Enterprises

“They had an excellent design concept and implemented it beautifully.”

The BrightApp Results


Through our collaborative efforts, we were successfully able to develop a design concept for the Bright team’s website on both personal computers and mobile devices. Additionally, we were able to integrate the site into their CRM, customer support, and payments system, making everything run more holistically.

Steven Jones – COO, Bright App Enterprises

“They are fantastic, responsive, and impactful partners.”



Team: 6 people

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