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What Software Development Services Do You Need For Your Project?

Software developers do much more than just develop software. They also pursue tasks like planning, research, design, support, and maintenance.

For our clients, we offer several service packages, including:
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Technology Audit
  • Project Rescue
  • Support & Maintenance

This lets us help clients who are at every stage of the development cycle. Some people come to us with complete systems and need a project rescue. Others are starting from scratch and need an entire course of development.

Mobile and Web Development

A strong digital presence is a necessity for everybody these days. Most people will find out about you through the internet, contact you through the internet, and do business with you through the internet.

To that end, a full-stack mobile and web developer can create entire digital experiences for you and your customers. This path includes the whole development process, from before a single line of code is written to after the software is launched.
Before development even begins, we pursue discovery, planning, and strategy to create the best plan for your needs. This will culminate in a design brief that details the product scope, as well as some important screens.

During development, we work closely with you to make sure that our goals are aligned and being pursued. Hiccups inevitably occur, but can be mitigated through constant communication and feedback.

After development, it is crucial to provide further maintenance and support. This is because the product launch is really just the beginning of the feedback process from users. We offer two types of post-development support: a one-time ability to create specific features and ongoing monthly support to maintain and enhance features.

Product Design

Software design is where computers meet human beings. Good UX can really make or break a product, whether or not it gets everything else right. Research suggests that every $1 spent on UX turns into $10 down the road.
The Gut Stuff - HealthTech
The Gut Stuff - HealthTech
Our process starts by getting a comprehensive overview of your website or application’s information architecture

We then use this knowledge to design wireframes and clickable prototypes to serve as visual blueprints. 

Finally, we solidify the prototypes into concrete UX and UI, following a Figma-based design system.

Technology Audit

Sometimes what you need is more than an entire project built from scratch but instead, a better sense of direction for where your project needs to go.

This is where a technology audit can help. Throughout an intensive 2-4 week process, we help you explore and refine your product vision to identify the user stories needed to build a Minimum Viable Product.
eBaymag - JetRockets creators
eBaymag - JetRockets creators
The process begins with scope preparation. During this phase, we conduct a thorough examination of the core business idea and create a detailed project brief.

Then we conduct an immersive session designed to develop a robust value proposition for your business. 

Finally, we decided on the project rationale. This includes a definitive list of user stories and features required to validate the MVP or POC.

Our proven track record of providing top-notch Ruby expertise has earned us partnerships with companies like eBay and Orbit.

Project Rescue

Sometimes you don’t need an entire project built from scratch. Instead, you have a working solution, but it’s flawed or out of date. In this scenario, it’s a good idea to pursue project rescue

The first step is to establish access to the existing system, so we can fully understand what’s going on in the backend.

Astronaut from JetRockets
Astronaut from JetRockets
Next, we perform a site or application audit. This is a thorough review of where your system stands so that we can identify potential areas for improvement.

Following that is a technical audit, a more in-depth examination that takes into account existing infrastructure, the technology stack, and the codebase.

We then onboard the system onto our development environment so we can begin working on it.

Finally, we create a support & maintenance plan for following through in the months and years to come. We work with our clients to identify the most important features and functions.

What Software Development Services Do You Need?

Everyone is in a different situation, and indeed, no two clients are completely alike. But the two most important factors to consider are:

  • Where are you now in the development cycle?
  • Where do you want to be in the future?

To that end, there is a big difference between clients who are at the very beginning of the development process and clients who already have a system in play.

If you are at the very beginning, you should do either a Technology Audit or an entire course in Mobile and Web Development. If you are not sure which to choose, you can start with a tech audit and turn it into a full development process later if you so choose.

If you already have a system in play, but are unsatisfied with how it is working, consider pursuing Project Rescue. We will help you get your project back in shape now and in the future.

If you are somewhere in between and mostly just need UX support, consider pursuing Product Design.

Finally, keep in mind that software sometimes resembles a living thing. All projects need regular Support & Maintenance to keep up to date, and this is a service we provide for clients of all kinds.

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