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Pano Med

telehealth platform

About the project

  • location United States
  • calendar March 2020 - April 2023
Pano Med
Pano Med is a user-friendly mobile app that connects patients to top medical professionals for safe and convenient house calls and telehealth appointments. The application alleviates the frustration of waiting rooms and the risk of unnecessary exposure to germs and contagions and enables patients to see providers when they need to, from wherever they are.


Providers with 75 being
active and 350 patients


2 mobile apps
1 web app


Integrations with partners

PanoMed telehealth platform


Although the need for social distancing has decreased since the height of the pandemic, telehealth has remained a popular alternative to traditional, in-person doctors appointments. However, despite the revolutionary aspects of telehealth patients still found that virtual check-ups have their limitations, including the friction that comes along with long wait times, as well as technical issues. Healthcare providers experienced their own set of challenges having to adopt new technologies, as well as rising rates of burnout due to the increased rates of digital appointments.

To remedy this situation, Michael Demetriou came up with a solution that would connect patients with house call and telehealth providers in frictionless ways that didn’t sacrifice the relationship between the two parties. Thus, the idea of Pano Med was born.

After two years of development, Michael approached JetRockets in early 2020 with an initial product in hand and wanted to partner with a development shop that could take on the long-term responsibility of collaborating with his team to help evolve and scale the product inline with the ever-changing market needs. After surveying the market for the right firm, Demetriou eventually settled on JetRockets.

Michael Demetriou – Founder & CEO, Pano Med

“Every bit of their [JetRockets] words have been shown in their actions. They’ve been super impressive in the fact that everything they’ve mentioned by word, they’ve set forward in action, which is the most important part of any relationship. That’s what made me move to JetRockets but also what has made me extremely happy with them.”

PanoMed Challenge


After auditing the platform in its entirety, JetRockets developers quickly identified areas for immediate improvement—updating outdated code libraries and rewriting several areas of the system. And in order to achieve an office experience for users, we came up with a list of features that we wanted to make available to providers, including:

  • E-prescribing: providers can make e-prescriptions in the app; the data will be sent to the pharmacy, and the partner will deliver a drug directly to a patient home.
  • Automated eligibility check and insurance reimbursement: when a patient would like to have an appointment with a provider using insurance, we automatically check if the insurance is active and only after that allow providers to get the appointment with that patient. After the appointment, the provider can make insurance reimbursement.
  • EHR system: make provider possible to get patients’ medical history.
  • Skill Survey check: the system makes a survey of provider colleagues and makes a provider score after competence estimation.
  • BackgroundCheck: the system check providers’ professional background
PanoMed Solution


Next up was integrations. The goal was to find and add partners to the Pano Med platform that could elevate the holistic experience for users and providers alike. These partners include organizations such as Health Gorilla, Change Healthcare, Ribbon Health, and Ravkoo.

JetRockets also integrated Pano Med with NuRide, a B2B on-demand taxi service specifically for physicians and healthcare workers, as well as with cloud communication platform ConnectyCube, to facilitate better telemedicine experiences. 

Further integrations include home-testing servicing that facilitates medical testing for various illnesses, like COVID-19, medical insurance claim processors and Electronic Health Record (EHR) data providers. 

What started as an app for telemedicine slowly became a «virtual office» for providers. The idea is that any provider can open their own online practice without opening an actual physical office.

Interestingly, the biggest challenge wasn’t the technical side of these integrations, rather it was navigating the complexities of the United States healthcare system. While JetRockets often has to become subject matter experts in new areas related to specific client industries and sectors, this undertaking requires an especially significant amount of research and collaboration. However, our team was able to get up to speed quickly in order to carry out the project.

PanoMed Integrations


In addition to our integration strategies, our goal was to advance the user-experience by making the application easy-to-use and accessible to all patients alike.

In doing this, we implemented several core features, including:

  • A matching algorithm for providers and patients: during matching we check the wishes of a patient and providers’ abilities to offer the best coincidence for the both sides. We match by the following criterias: ages, state, providers rates, patient types, date and time wiches, language and title.
  • Onboarding for providers: to get professional providers we implement a meticulous checking such as Skill Survey check, Background check, insurance police submission, checking personal and professional data and interview.
  • The ability to select what types of patients and when a provider wants to see: provider can set up criterias what type of patient he would like to get and set up his schedule
Michael Demetriou – Founder & CEO, Pano Med

“I’ve worked with a large development company out of Poland and two companies based out of New York, and JetRockets has been by far the best company to work with from communication, delivery and expectations, and scaling standpoints. They’re shoulder-to-shoulder with us and are allowing us to grow as a business. They understand what we need as a company, not what they need as a vendor, to make our business happen.”

PanoMed User-experience


Today, Pano Med continues to revolutionize the telehealth industry by connecting patients directly with house call and telehealth providers in ways that don’t compromise the care that individuals receive and the relationships they have with their health care providers. And thanks to the emphasis on integration partners, Pano Med is able to broaden its reach and value in a more human way.

Going from Project to Partner

Pano Med and JetRockets continue to work together to develop more perfect solutions and expand market share. As Pano Med seeks to raise more growth capital, JetRockets acts as the organization’s unofficial CTO, helping the company to prepare due diligence documentation for potential investors.

Michael Demetriou – Founder & CEO, Pano Med

“My favorite part of working together is that I don’t actually realize that they're [JetRockets] a hired-vendor, and I think that’s the greatest compliment to my business and to them. I don’t view them as JetRockets; rather, I truly believe that they are Pano Med because of how they deliver their message and team experience. They deliver themselves in a way that says they represent my company and are a part of our team. When you have that, you know you’re going to get what you need. They immediately take that position, and it’s pretty impressive that they do.”


Team: 6 people

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