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Pano Med (ex Opear MD) is the developer of a mobile app that connects patients to top medical professionals for safe and convenient house calls and Telehealth, free from the frustration of waiting rooms or the risk of unnecessary exposure to germs and contagions.

Pano Med


Pano Med CEO, Michael Demetriou, approached JetRockets in early 2020 with his up-and-running platform, written in React Native, which had been in development for two years. He was looking to partner with a development shop that would take on the long-term responsibility of collaborating with his team to improve the existing product by better addressing market needs and creating a flexible platform that could easily scale. After auditing the platform in its entirety, JetRockets developers quickly identified areas for immediate improvement—updating outdated code libraries and rewriting several areas of the system. Demetriou and his team had also assembled a list of features that the company wanted to add to its platform. JetRockets developers reviewed the backlog and began working on tasks. What started as an app for telemedicine slowly moved its course to the so-called «virtual office» for providers. The idea is that any provider can open their own online practice without opening an actual physical office.

Pano Med


In order to achieve an office vibe/experience we came up with a list of features that must be available to providers.

Some of these features are:

  1. E-prescribe;
  2. Automated eligibility check and insurance reimbursement;
  3. EHR system, etc.

After we came up with this list, we started researching the market and looking for companies who we can integrate with and create not only positive experiences with but also build strong relationships in the future. This is how we ended up with such companies as Health Gorilla, Change Healthcare, Ribbon Health, Ravkoo. The biggest challenge for us here was not even the technical side of integrations, but quite the opposite: we had to dive deep into various medical terminologies and try to understand how the healthcare system in the US works. Turns out it is rather complicated. It took us lots of hours spent on calls, reading documentation, back and forth communication, but step by step we managed to jump over each hurdle. The involvement of the whole team and persistence from our side made it happen even if sometimes we were told by other healthcare companies that we should give up. But we didn’t.

In addition to integrating with major US healthcare companies, we were working on improving user experience, making apps easy to interact with even for people who are not so familiar with modern technologies.

To give a couple of examples of core features we implemented to make it possible:

  • Matching algorithm for providers;
  • Onboarding for providers;
  • Ability to select what types of patients and when a provider wants to see.
Pano Med


We are re-launching our app at the end of July and will begin marketing this new product to and continue improving the experience of users based on their feedback.

“We are re-launching our app at the end of July and will begin marketing this new product to and continue improving the experience of users based on their feedback.”
Michael Demetriou – Founder & CEO, Opear


  • Ruby on Rails

  • React

Programming languages

  • Ruby

  • Java Script

Team: 6 people

  • 1 Tech lead/Back end developer
  • 2 Front end
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Junior QA
  • 1 PM
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