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How JetRockets Helps Non-tech Founders

Alana and Lisa MacFarlane had a dream: they wanted to build a digital electronic diary for gut health that would educate users while they made records. 

Although they had a simple proof-of-concept, their team lacked the expertise to create a solid minimum viable product. They reached out to JetRockets for help.

We provided the expertise they needed to get their project off the ground. And because we were able to align our goals with theirs concretely, they succeeded in building the MVP they needed to launch.

JetRockets helps many founders launch their dreams, but not all of them come from a tech background. Several of our services are made with this type of client in mind. We help non-tech founders by:
  • Providing a team of experts
  • Aligning goals
  • Technology audits
  • Fractional CTOs
  • Building MVPs

Providing a team of experts

Perhaps the first and most important asset we provide to non-tech founders is expertise. Many startup founders know little about the technology that goes into their projects. Nor should they have their primary role in launching a business.

Expertise can take many forms, from the most basic level of programming knowledge to niche, individual technologies. Many clients have projects that need something very specific to run properly, and we often have one or two people in our team who know exactly how that thing works. And if not, our seasoned veterans are also experts at picking up new technologies quickly.
pursuit of goals
pursuit of goals

Aligning Goals

What sets great developers apart from ordinary ones is the ability to align goals accurately. Founders may have a broad vision in mind that they are trying to communicate. It is our job, as developers, to interpret that vision and make it a reality.

This means aligning goals at every step of the way. The project may change direction several times during the course of development in order to reflect the founders’ shifting vision. Often, it only becomes clear what important features really need to be added after development is well underway.

Technology Audits

Technology Audits are one of the core services I wrote about in an earlier article. They are a way in which we help founders get a better sense of direction about their project vision.

We get together with the founders over the course of an intensive 2-4 week process, during which time we help them refine the ideas for their minimum viable product.

Ultimately, we help founders decide on a project rationale. This includes a comprehensive list of user stories and features required to validate their MVP.

Fractional CTO

Hiring a CTO can be expensive and risky. No candidate can be vetted fully enough to know exactly how well they will perform and align with your goals.

Yet every founder needs a CTO, especially if they do not have a tech background. 
Man with laptop
Man with laptop
One solution is to hire a fractional CTO: essentially, someone who has years of experience and can provide their services on an interim basis.

A fractional CTO is a good solution for filling a startup position, especially in the early stages when growth is crucial, but founders may not know where to find the right person.

A fractional CTO can help develop a product roadmap. If they are in this position, that means they have built and launched several projects already. They know the road ahead and can help you walk along it.

A fractional CTO can shorten the time to market. Again, since they’ve launched several projects before, they’ve seen many of the pitfalls of software development. They know what to expect and what to avoid so that you can get your product to market quicker.

And finally, a fractional CTO can help you strategize your fundraising. Lack of funds is the number one issue causing the failure of startups- about 47% of such failures come from financial issues. A seasoned CTO will know this and plan your development roadmap in hand with fundraising plans. They will also be experienced in writing technical documents for grants.

We Help Founders Focus On Their Business

Startup founders come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some have lots of tech experience, and some don’t. But either way, their main goal should be building, launching, and promoting their business.

JetRockets helps founders focus on their businesses by providing them with what they need. We’ve witnessed dozens of founders launch their dreams with our help over the last few years, and hope to see many more in the future.

Fractional CTO is our newest service, and we hope it will make the same level of impact as our previous work. If you are a founder in search of a CTO, we’d love to chat!

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