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Why You Should Hire Professional QA Testers for QA

Quality Assurance can feel like an afterthought. After all, QA alone doesn’t build applications. It just makes them better.

As a result, many development teams think they can cut corners by doing QA themselves. It is tempting to think that professional QA testers are an unaffordable luxury, and that no one could possibly know how to improve your code better than yourself.
But it turns out that most teams should hire professional QA testers. For all but the simplest of projects, having a new set of eyes take a look at things can save a lot of time, money, and frustration. A third party really can know things about your project that you don’t know.

Some of the advantages of hiring professional QA testers include:
  • Seeing things with new eyes
  • Predicting and fixing bugs
  • Reducing your workload
  • Identifying security flaws

The software testing industry is huge for a reason. In 2021, the market for QA testing was estimated at $40 billion.

Seeing things with new eyes

The advantages of 3rd party QA testing all come down to their ability to see things with new eyes. 

When you work on a project all by yourself, you become habituated to the way it works. You gain the ability to understand it, at the cost of losing the ability to see its flaws.

The same thing happens when an entire team works on a project. The team gets comfortable with what they are working with, and loses the ability to notice little bugs and glitches.

This is true no matter what kind of project you work on, whether it be a novel, a painting, or a software application. Creators tend to become so used to their creations that they lose the ability to see them from an outside perspective.

This is exactly why we need QA testers. These are people who are less familiar with the technicalities of your project, and are therefore capable of looking at it more critically. They are also trained specifically to look for areas of improvement, and will do so even if your own biases might ignore them.

Predicting and Fixing Bugs

Debugging is a major part of the development process. Having a third party take a look at your code is a great way to find bugs.

Anyone who has ever worked on software has spent several frustrating hours trying to fix a bug, only to discover that the only problem was a single missing semicolon. QA testers are more likely to catch little errors like that.

QA testers also work to find and fix bigger bugs. They can take a step back from your own algorithm, so that they can analyze it for themselves to determine if there is a problematic edge case somewhere. Sometimes just explaining your problem to someone else is enough for you to figure out how to solve it.

And a good QA tester will do everything they can to literally break your application. They want to test it to the limits, to make sure it will work in every possible scenario.

Reducing Your Workload

The main job of your development team is to develop software. A great way to help them out is to take extra responsibilities off their shoulders, so that they can focus on programming.

QA is definitely an important part of the development process, but it employs a slightly different skillset than your main computer programmers. If your development team had to do QA on everything they produced, they would waste a lot of time switching back and forth between different ways of thinking. By keeping people locked into their strengths, on the other hand, you can maintain efficiency.

Identifying Security Flaws

Everything we’ve talked about so far has to do with why you should hire professional QA testers. Overall, they help make your process more efficient. But security is one reason why you might need to hire professional QA testers.

Security is more serious than ever in 2022. An estimated 93% of company networks are vulnerable to cybercriminals. 

There is a ceaseless arms race between cybersecurity experts working to strengthen networks, and the hackers looking to poke holes in them. That’s why regular security updates are so important. Without them, you will be vulnerable to some new attack discovered less than a year ago.

Professional QA testers that specialize in security are there to make sure your output complies to the latest standards. Keeping up with these standards is almost a full time job in and of itself. It would be very difficult for a single development team to keep on top of every cybersecurity standard on top of their regular developing duties.

Can you save money by using your own team for QA?

Maybe, depending on the size and scope of your project. But in most cases, your output will be lower quality, take longer to make, and cause more problems.

Some startups or small firms may be in a position where they can get away without a third party QA professional for a while. If you are designing software that is relatively simple, does not need to be of high quality, and will not carry sensitive data, then this may apply to you.

But most larger, established firms will find that they really do need a fresh set of eyes to take a closer look at their work. Hiring a professional QA tester will help polish the finished product to make a great software application.

QA Testing at JetRockets

QA testing is an important part of our development process. Each project we work on receives a dedicated, expert QA tester. This allows our clients to get the quality assurance they need.

The QA tester works with the development team and the Project Manager to continuously improve the value of our work. They are trained in the latest cybersecurity standards, and strive to identify bugs and errors, as well as areas for improvement.

Our entire process is designed to align our goals with yours. The QA tester assigned to your project will keep the core goals and needs for your business in mind when they do they work, so that the end product will be optimized for your unique situation.

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