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Top 2022-2023 Popular Programming Languages

Every year, the top-used programming languages are posted. To be more honest, in this article, Statista, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and PYPL data are collected to form a list of the most popular languages. Keeping up with trends is also important to us. As a result, we decided to compile our list of 2022's top programming languages. 2023 will remain the peak year for these languages.


It is still the only trustworthy language for front-end development. The language frequently provides novel answers to crucial technical issues. Due to several of Node's design problems, Deno, a JavaScript and Typescript runtime with server rendering, has become increasingly popular. The browser now frequently handles resource-intensive renderings, which completely alters the game, speeds up page loading, and enhances the program's functionality.

In addition to advancements, important features are continuously improved: ECMA Script introduced private fields and methods, error.cause, etc. in June 2022. These are quite beneficial for debugging and have no negative effects.

JavaScript is used by companies such as Walmart, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and Salesforce.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $65,580. Last year, it was $54,049.
  1. Python

The easiest programming language for beginners. The 3.11 version debuted in September 2022 and featured type-checking, quicker code execution, and more amiable error messages. Python has always struggled with speed, but now things are getting better. Compared to 3.10, the common benchmark suite performs around 25% faster. According to the Python documentation, 3.11 can occasionally be up to 60% quicker. Type enhancements are a great way to guard against unexpected problems in your code. The particular expression in the app that caused the mistake is referenced in error messages.

The companies that use Python are Google, Spotify, Dropbox, Uber, and Quora.

Due to its suitability for IoT work, Python has maintained its dominance among the top languages year after year.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $71,105. Last year, it was $59,454.
  1. Ruby

Ruby is a popular language for web development. The Ruby on Rails framework is known for its conventions over configuration and "DRY" (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles, making it easy to build web applications quickly and efficiently.

The language is often praised for its readability and expressiveness, making it easy to write code that is easy to understand and maintain. That is why Ruby is widely used to automate monotonous jobs. Ruby wins at the expense of efficiency.

Not only is Ruby used in web development, but with libraries like Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and others, it is also used for data science and machine learning tasks.

Many well-known IT giants, like GitHub, Shopify, and Airbnb, use Ruby. The Rails Foundation received a significant $1 million donation in November 2022 due to the industry's influence. There is no doubt that further crucial features that aid programmers' jobs will soon be available.

The Ruby programming language has been part of Jet Rockets' expertise for 12+ years.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $93,000. Last year, it was $80,000.
  1. TypeScipt

TypeScript has seen a 37.8% growth in usage. Adopting TypeScript's static typing increases developers' trust in the accuracy of their code as a front-end web and Node.JS codebases expand in size and complexity. Because TypeScript can be adopted gradually, developers can profit immediately without taking on a dangerous porting effort. Many ECMAScript updates are poly-filled by TypeScript (like arrow functions, async, and classes). Actually, TypeScript is translated into JavaScript.

Speaking about the improvements to the language, A new beta version of TypeScript was released in December that included inference for infer types in template string types, intersection and union types, and other improvements. For developers, these upgrades will actually save a ton of time.

TypeScript is used by Microsoft, Asana, Airbnb, Slack, and Walmart, among others.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $70,276. Last year, it was $59,172.
  1. Java

Java is compatible with both online and mobile applications. Java handles the rising popularity of mobile apps very well because of its many features.
Some claim that Java has outlived its prime. However, the truth is that due to its security features and backward compatibility, Java's libraries are diverse and affordable for large infrastructures like a bank.

Moreover, Java and its tools are consistently improved. For instance, the Graal JIT compiler was included in OpenJDK, an open-source Java platform implementation, making it accessible to other developers.

Many companies use Java, including Amazon, Bank of America, eBay, JPMorgan Chase, and LinkedIn.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $64,572. Last year, it was $51,888.
  1. C# and C++

C# and C++ are popular programming languages with unique features and use.

C# is a high-level, modern programming language developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET framework. It is widely used for developing Windows applications, games, and mobile applications. C# is known for its simplicity and readability and is often used for creating robust and scalable applications with minimal code.

Many companies, including Microsoft, Unity, Autodesk, SAP, and Xamarin use the C# programming language.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $69,516. Last year, it was $58,368.

C++, on the other hand, C++ is a general-purpose, low-level programming language initially designed for system and application programming. It is widely used for developing operating systems, gaming engines, and other performance-critical applications. C++ is known for its raw performance and control over system resources and is often used for creating complex and demanding software applications.

Many companies use C++, including Microsoft, Google, Adobe Systems, Autodesk, and Amazon.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $68,000. Last year, it was $54,049.

Overall, both languages have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them will depend on the project's specific requirements.
  1. PHP

The most widely utilized programming language is reportedly PHP. 78.8% of all websites use PHP for their server-side code, according to W3Techs. The language's key benefits include high speed, cost efficiency, and scalability.

The workload and loading time are both decreased because PHP uses its memory. As a result, the processing pace is fairly quick, which benefits both developers and their clients by enabling quicker delivery of the finished product. Because of this, it's a common option for websites created for marketing and sales.

WordPress, Facebook, Wikipedia, Etsy, and Dropbox are just some companies that use PHP.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $50,496. Last year, it was $38,916.
  1. Go

Since it has been around for over a decade, Go has progressively gained ground as a top preferred programming language among programmers working on projects like Docker and Kubernetes. It's not surprising that usage increased by 28.3%.

According to Google, Go had the most significant release for today. It has features that boost security, developer efficiency, and Go performance.

Go 1.18's main additions include new support for generic code utilizing parameterized types (generics are types that can be used in conjunction with various other kinds) and fuzzing. This automated testing method repeatedly modifies program inputs to uncover bugs.

Some companies that use Go include Dropbox, Uber, Google, SoundCloud, and SoundCloud.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $89,204. Last year, it was $75,669.
  1. Rust

Because of its security and dependability, Rust's community grew by more than 50.5%.

Rust is a safer option for low-level programming because its distinctive ownership model helps prevent typical programming problems like null or dangling pointer references. It is meant to unintentionally make it hard for a program to retrieve unwanted data from a computer's memory.

It supports WebAssembly extensively. A binary command for a stack-based virtual machine is called Web Assembly (Wasm). Wasm is intended to be a portable aim for high-level language compilation, enabling the deployment of client and server applications on the web.

The language places a strong emphasis on abstractions with no costs. Because it is statically typed and incorporates various features from ML and Go, it is more robust and stable than C++ but necessitates less work from the programmer. Learning a safer language is made significantly simpler by using cases in Rust and the ability for programmers to conceive in terms of interfaces. Additionally, it has less boilerplate than the majority of other languages do.

Numerous companies use Rust, such as Mozilla, Dropbox, Microsoft, Amazon, and Sentry.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $87,047. Last year it was $77,530.
  1. Kotlin

As the official programming language for creating Android apps, Kotlin has grown in popularity among Android developers. Usage increased by 22.9% in 2022, according to data.

Because of its simple syntax, it increases team productivity. Code can be written in Kotlin with fewer lines of code and with less effort than, say, Java. But because Kotlin is compatible with all Java tools and frameworks, its code may also be readily combined with the current Java code.

Kotlin may be used to create server-side, desktop, and web applications in addition to Android apps. You can also perform front-end development using the language. Kotlin takes very little time to compile compared to other options, and its applications use fewer libraries. By incorporating its security features into your apps, Kotlin aids in lowering the bug count. Before bringing it into production, it makes sure that the variables used cannot be null and can be recognized at compile time.

Various companies use Kotlin, including Android, Corda, Gradle, Pusher, and Square.

Average salary, according to Stack Overflow: $69,318. Last year, it was $55,071.


JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, and Java were the most widely used and demanded programming languages worldwide as of 2022 among software developers. More than 65 percent of respondents said they used JavaScript, which is not surprising given the continued demand for front-end developers. Rust, TypeScript, Go, C, Kotlin, and Python saw the fastest growth. Rust's rise demonstrates the trend toward secure application infrastructure. Kotlin, C, C++, and Go had the biggest salary increase.

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