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JetRockets' Values and How They Help Our Clients

Whether stated explicitly or not, every company has a set of values that it lives by. These values shape the way employees operate, from managerial decisions to individual actions. And in turn, a company’s values affect the product or service it delivers to its customers or clients.

These values can really make or break a company. While no company would enshrine negativity or a fear of failure as their core values, nevertheless, many do become characterized by them.

By selecting and expressing your core values up front, as JetRockets does, you can make it clear how your company should operate. Selecting good values can set the tone for how employees operate and lead to better delivery for your clients.
There is no single “best” set of values to live by. Appropriate values vary by industry- creativity is more important for a video game studio than for an accounting firm, for example. And many common company values overlap, like transparency and honesty.

Some companies became famous, for better or worse, for some of their core values. Consider Amazon’s “Customer Obsession” or Facebook’s “Move Fast and Break Things”.

JetRockets uses a set of values that help us deliver top-notch software to our clients. These values include:
  • Results
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous Improvement

We believe that having these values promote a more positive company culture, and thereby encourages employee retention. Employees care deeply about their environment: 47% cite company culture as their reason for seeking another job.

Ultimately, having loyal, happy employees means working with a team that can create better results for our clients.


Our clients care about their bottom line, and so do we. We strive to create results for our clients, because that is what we are being paid to do. Getting good results is about setting and keeping promises. When we start a new project with a client, we make a promise to create the results they need.

We measure results, not hours. Doing the opposite would just encourage working slowly. By measuring results, we can be sure that our work has produced value.

And we create good results by paying attention to details. Clients come to us with specific requests, and we need to be sure we provide exactly what they need.


Organizations function better when they prioritize transparency. Having transparent operations means that clients and employees alike know what people are doing and why. A lack of transparency, on the other hand, can quickly breed mistrust and lead to misunderstandings.

Honesty is the key to transparency. Sometimes people need to hear things that they don’t want to hear- perhaps a project will have to be delayed again, or the feature you’ve been working on for months has to be removed. But it’s better to communicate about problems than to let them sit and fester.

Transparency is important for establishing trust in any business. Consumer purchases are highly impacted by trust- 85% of consumers will stay loyal to a brand for demonstrating transparency. And there is no doubt that our clients continue to work with us because we are completely transparent about our operations with them.


We always opt for the simplest solution, even if it may look boring. There is a big difference between ‘boring’ and ‘bad’, as overly complicated paths often lead to inefficiencies and technical debt.

Time management is key to efficiency. Software development can be a messy, non-linear process, which makes it hard to fit into linear schedules. Developers need time to be creative, but they often have to respond to tight deadlines and sudden requests.

We encourage our employees to pursue their own initiative and ambition. They go ahead and try new projects and processes, and their experiments often find novel and better solutions.


Helping others is our priority. Our developers rely on each other for help and for critical feedback. Our policy of collaboration ensures that no one works alone.

This means sharing problems with others- reinforcing our value of transparency. One person may not know how to fix something, but when you put a couple of dozen experienced software developers together, there’s a good chance that one of them will think of a good solution.

We prefer to encourage informal communication, regardless of seniority or position. This breaks down artificial barriers that get in the way of information sharing. And to that end, we allow no discrimination against gender, sex preference, race, nationality, language, origin, religion, or any other kind of group membership.

Continuous Improvement

Everyone makes mistakes. We believe in recognizing and learning from our mistakes to become better at what we do. Over time, we make continuous improvements in every aspect of our work.

Starting in 2020, JetRockets became a Teal organization. This means that employees operate with little to no direct management, and contribute based on their own unique capabilities. This system is meant to encourage continuous improvement of all kinds. Instead of trying to fit themselves into rigid expectations of what they should be, our employees instead strive to find out what they are good at and how they can improve.

How our values help our clients

Since results are our first value, everything is directed toward our clients’ bottom lines. And all of our values work together to make this happen. Our values are not isolated- they help and reinforce one another.

Transparency is central. Transparent communication makes better client relationships and helps with company collaboration.

Collaboration promotes efficiency, continuous improvement, and results. One person working alone lacks the resources to find efficient solutions to every problem. Many people working together can deliver better results to our clients. And over time, our employees learn from one another, improving their skills.

Continuous improvement is ultimately directed toward creating results for clients. We learn from our mistakes, keep on top of changing industry trends, and strive to come up with creative solutions to problems.

JetRockets strives to create value for its clients, and we do so by relentlessly pursuing the values we have chosen.

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