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Benefits of MVP Development Services for Startups

Have a great idea for a new app or software product? It’s smart to test your idea by launching an MVP first.

Founders who want to build an MVP have a few options. If it’s simple enough, they could make it themselves, or hire a freelancer.
But most projects are more complicated than that. They require a team of experts to create. Hiring your own team just for the task is expensive and not usually worth it. Hiring an MVP development service, on the other hand, comes with plenty of benefits:
  • Technical Expertise
  • Product Development Expertise
  • Lower Costs and Risk
  • Quicker Time to Market

Technical Expertise

When you hire a third party development team, you hire a team of professionals who have been honing their skills for years. Their abilities have been thoroughly tested- if not, they wouldn’t be on the team in the first place.

This means that you get skilled and competent developers working on your project. But it goes deeper than that. You can also get niche or specialized expertise from working with a development team.

Many projects require a component that involves some sort of rare or cutting edge technology, like AI or Virtual Reality. Not every programmer will have enough experience to work that piece of the puzzle, even if they are highly skilled otherwise. 

But a large enough development team might have one or two senior members who specialize in that niche. Instead of having to hire a full-time expert just for one part of your project, partnering with a development team lets you use their expert to do it instead.

Product Development Expertise

Building the thing you want to sell is only half the battle. Getting people to buy it is the other half.

While your MVP doesn’t need to dominate the market overnight (although it would be great if it did!), a successful MVP launch will require ample care and consideration. It’s important to keep in mind human factors, like UI design and consistent branding, during the course of the entire development process.

A good development service will do so much more than write code. It will also help you plan your product roadmap, develop an intuitive user experience, and create a comprehensive scope document. These product development factors are just as important as technical factors when it comes to launching a successful MVP.

Lower Costs and Risk

Startups are an inherently risky business. Over 70% of them fail in the first 5 years.

MVPs are a way of mitigating that risk. Instead of going all in on an idea and spending a year building a finished product, you quickly create a smaller “sample” piece to test on the market. Many MVPs fail, and that’s a good thing- it prevents wasting time and money on an idea that wouldn’t work anyway.

You shouldn’t take on more risk than you have to when building an MVP. Why hire an entire team to build one, when you could have an independent team build it instead?

Quicker Time to Market

The tech industry moves fast. Many firms dominate the market simply because they were there first.

If you have a great idea for an app or digital product, there’s a good chance someone else has thought of it, too. To maximize your chances of success, you need to get to market before them- while still delivering an amazing product, of course.

Building your own full-time development team takes lots of time and resources. You have to do interviews, hire people, and make a leap of faith in assuming that they will do a good job. And then comes the hard part- making sure that they all cooperate!

Hiring an existing team, on the other hand, completely avoids these issues. You get a team that has already been hired and vetted, and they already know how to work together. They have systems and workflows in place that make it possible for them to bring your idea to life.

MVP Development with JetRockets

Our MVP Builder program has helped dozens of founders start their companies over the past few years. We help individuals and teams along the entire journey, from initial ideas to post-launch support. This proceeds in 6 stages.
  • During Discovery, we assess the client’s needs and goals to ensure we are the right fit. This means evaluating factors like technical feasibility, timeline, and budget.
  • During the Scoping phase, we match each client with a dedicated Product Manager who will work with them throughout the entire project. They work together to create a comprehensive scope document that covers factors like users, pages, and features for the final product.
  • For the Design phase, our UI/UX designers create high quality wireframes and mockups for your project. With this we can collect feedback and make adjustments.
  • During Development, the JetRockets team takes over and writes the software itself. The dedicated Project Manager oversees the team.
  • Before launching, we perform a 30 day Review to test and confirm that everything works properly.
But that’s really just the start of the story. Afterwards, we continue to collect feedback, iterate, and improve upon the product.

Do you have a great idea for a new app or website, and want to test it with a custom built MVP? Let’s talk!

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