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Benefits of Custom Software

Building a custom software comes with a price tag, but the investment is often worthy. Here are the top ten reasons why.

Nowadays, the market is saturated with countless products and software solutions that are capable of automating many aspects of business management and offer myriad of functions to increase productivity and reduce human error. Some of these products are industry-specific, while others are generic and can be customized to be used by any company in any business niche. The pricing models also vary significantly and it is possible to find an off-the-shelf software solution that fits the budgets of small and large businesses alike.

Nevertheless, the custom software development industry continuous to flourish and many business owners choose to invest in developing a solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

Here are the top ten benefits a business can reap from investing into a custom software solution:

Full Ownership - Just like owning your company's "secret sauce", owning the technology that automates the company's operations are key to creating unique value for the customers. It also increases the company's value because the software is an asset and not an expense, like in the case of licensed software products.

Flexibility & Scalability - Implementing a custom solution allows businesses to develop technology that fits specific business processes no matter how unique they are. As business grows and evolves, adjustments and enhancements can be made to the software in a timely manner without slowing down operations and jeopardizing business success.

Competitive Advantages - Custom software can help businesses gain edge over their competition by offering more services and value to customers. Whether it’s a unique reporting capability, or a mobile application that provides easy access to information and more control over the service, businesses can stand out with the help of custom software.

Increased Productivity - Having technology in place that facilitates daily business operations by providing functions designed specifically to meet those needs helps increase productivity and reduce human error.

Interoperability - When designed properly, a custom software can be integrated easily with other technical tools and apps used within the organization or supplied by specialized third-party vendors.

Technology Independence - One technology solution does not fit all projects and all business needs. When developing a custom solution, it is possible to have different technologies work together to meet the business requirements.

Security - Using SaaS is often risky because hacking is more common with SaaS products. Custom applications have fewer incidence of hacking because they are often locked to the outside world, and also because of their custom nature, which requires more effort and time to hack. In addition, custom systems can have extra layers of security added that are not usually available with SaaS platforms.

Unmatched Customer Support - A dedicated product development team supports and maintains the custom built platform. This ensures that all issues are addressed immediately and efficiently by a team of professionals who were involved in the planning and development of the software.

Reduced Risk - Paying for a SaaS or an off-the-shelf software license from a vendor makes the business dependent upon that vendor, and vulnerable to situations beyond their control, such as technical failure, bankruptcy, merger or acquisition. Custom software reduces these risks by keeping the control in the hands of the organization.

Cost Effectiveness - In the long run, development of custom software proves to be more cost effective than off-the-shelf solutions. When designed and implemented properly, custom software can serve the business for a long time without incurring significant ongoing costs. Ability to scale and integrate with other systems, make custom software worthy of the initial investment and can help business save money overtime.

At JetRockets we specialize in designing, developing and supporting custom software solutions that help clients achieve their unique business goals. If you have any questions or are looking for a complimentary consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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