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  • Location: New York City, NY / USA
  • Timeline: March 2020 - Present
JetRockets is shoulder-to-shoulder with us and are allowing us to grow as a business.

Opear MD is the developer of a mobile app that connects patients to top medical professionals for safe and convenient house calls and Telehealth, free from the frustration of waiting rooms or the risk of unnecessary exposure to germs and contagions.

The Mission

Opear MD CEO, Michael Demetriou, approached JetRockets in early 2020 with his up-and-running platform, written in React Native, which had been in development for some two years. He was looking to partner with a development shop that would take on the long-term responsibility of collaborating with his team to improve the existing product by better addressing market needs and creating a flexible platform that could easily scale.

The Solution

After auditing the platform in its entirety, JetRockets developers quickly identified areas for immediate improvement—updating outdated code libraries and rewriting several areas of the system had yet to be completed. The JetRockets Team also moved Opear MD to Amazon Web Services for its cloud computing needs, allowing the company to scale more easily and efficiently.

Demetriou and his team at Opear had also assembled a list of features that the company wanted to add to its platform. JetRockets developers reviewed the backlog and set about adding those that could be executed quickly, before building others that required significant redevelopment of the existing system.

Integrating with New Partners

Some of the additional features the JetRocket team built into the Opear MD platform include integration with NuRide, a B2B on-demand taxi service specifically for physicians and healthcare workers, and an integration with cloud communication platform ConnectyCube, to facilitate better telemedicine experience.

In the same way, the JetRockets team also worked to integrate Opear MD with several other companies: a home-testing service that facilitates medical testing for various illnesses, like COVID-19; and is currently in the process of connecting Opear MD with a medical insurance claim processor and an EHR data provider.

In helping Opear MD establish such partnerships, the JetRockets teams continues to allow the organization to quickly expand its market reach and provide more comprehensive services to patients, physicians and medical facilities alike.

Collaborating for Growth

As Opear MD seeks to raise more growth capital, JetRockets acts as the organization’s unofficial CTO, helping the company to prepare due diligence documentation for potential investors. Opear MD and JetRockets continue to work together to develop more perfect solutions and expand market share.


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