Hello! We're JetRockets.
We craft premium enterprise-level software for a range of clients, supporting their growth with efficient training and team building services along the way.
Ideation to MVP
We deliver responsive, high-quality MVP solutions so our clients can test their ideas early in the development process and impress potential investors with functional product demos.
Long-Term Engagements
We offer ongoing consulting and development support services to help our clients maintain excellence throughout a project’s longer timeframe.
Building Your Dream Team
We can help clients build their own in-house development teams, all the way from hiring strategies to staff training and beyond.

We Build Web & Mobile Applications

Our team designs, develops, and supports unique software solutions that help clients achieve their unique business goals. We offer several engagement models to accommodate businesses in various stages of development:

Dedicated Product Team
In order to help you develop and grow a product that is likely to continue changing over time, we can assemble a highly skilled team. An experienced project manager will work closely with you and offer strategic guidance throughout the engagement period.
Fixed Price
If your business has a clearly defined scope of work, we will gladly price out a fixed rate for your project and deliver it within a specified time frame. This model is ideal for MVPs and small projects.
While a dedicated product team develops and supports your main product, we can occasionally add resources on a fixed-price model. This way, we can help you meet unexpected demands or handle another project within your organization.

Our Clients

We have provided customized web and app services for clients across diverse industries, including finance, real estate, retail/e-commerce, and social networking, among many others...
Our unique tech solutions have helped our clients grow and thrive.

Our Team

The JetRockets development team has both superior technical skills and deep levels of expertise, a unique combination that guarantees client satisfaction with each new project. We always adhere to strict quality standards — from planning and design to development and implementation, our Quality Assurance team prevents errors and meets project expectations.

With headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, JetRockets is fully equipped to help a diverse spectrum of globally connected clients.

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